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Recent Appearance by Arron, New/Scared/Stressed? read this.

PostPosted: October 14th, 2005, 12:53 am
by Alien Host
I happened to catch a rare appearance by Arron a few nights back, I likened it to catching Santa in the night leaving a present under the tree. After all, credit where credit is deserved, his BFS in a Nutshell post was the first and only sign of hope for me during my google journey when all of this started a year ago. So I thought I might forward this little bit he had tacked onto one of the posts in which he had replied.

Arron wrote:BFS is not life threatening and it is only an urgent emergency when people are off the deep-end with anxiety. It's not the twitching that you need the cure for, it's the anxiety and out of control un-realism that needs to be treated. Kind of like skydiving. No one has died of skydiving. This is because it isn't the fall that kills you... it's the landing.

Talk to some verteran BFS'ers and they'll all tell you that once the anxiety and fear are gone, and once you've convinced yourself that you do NOT have ALS or any other crippling disease, the twitches themselves are really nothing at all. It's not the "twitches" themselves that need a cure. It's a cure for an extreme, out of control, un-realistic and un-justified anxiety that needs a cure.

This whole site was put here for one reason and one reason only... to help people overcome their FEARS of twitching and to educate them so they can understand what BFS is and that it isn't anything to worry about. Once that is done, and you have conqured your fears and have moved-on, you are basically "cured" from the grips of BFS. BFS IS the fall... you create your own landing....

I never have publicly thanked you Arron, without your legendary brainchild I as well as so many would probably have ended up in a very bad place. So Thank You from the bottom of my heart.:wink: