Tongue Fasciculations

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Tongue Fasciculations

Postby Guest on September 21st, 2005, 3:48 pm

Can someone tell me other than als,and bfs what causes tongue fasciculations?I looked it up on the internet,and bfs didn't even come up,only als. :shock: Can quitting anti-convulsants do it?I'm worried about this.It is a fasciculation,not my tongue moving around when I open it.I actually saw it. :cry: Thanks.

Postby Guest on September 21st, 2005, 4:25 pm

This is what I have been told by a very renowned NM specialist at a top univ. center :

"I have never seen benign fascis. in the tongue out of 1000s of cases of twitching both benign and disease but that does not mean they cannot happen. What people mistake for fascis. are local movements in the tongue. Tongue fasciculations are hard to tell and many a times doctors and even Neurologists make a mistake in diagnosing it."

There are posts on CC board where a couple of Neurologists have said that tongue fascis. are no more different than amywhere else in the body but there is one post where it says "I talked to our expert Dr. Pieoro and he said that he has not seen a case of tongue fascis. with benign fascis".

There are several people on this board who swear they have tongue fascis. but probably most people have some local movement or maybe twitching of tongue (which probably you also have) BUT NOT fasiculations.

Postby d75 on September 21st, 2005, 4:50 pm

If you have no other symptoms then do not worry.

Do a search in the forums for "tongue" and you will see how many others have twitching tongues.

Whether they are genuine fasciculations or not is irrelevant to your case.

Bulbar-onset *** tends to be rapid, not just a case of "twitching tongue" for a few weeks and nothing else. If you had it, you would not be asking if you had it. You would know.

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tongue fasciculations

Postby Guest on September 21st, 2005, 6:04 pm

I thought that fasciculations and twitches were the same.Please pardon me if I am wrong.What is the difference,if you don't mind me asking.As I have been really shook up about this.

Postby SLL on September 21st, 2005, 7:26 pm

I started a thread here on this very subject in the last few days - after 6 years of body-wide twitching and clean exams and EMGs from ALS Clinic Directors, I had my first tongue twitch about 2 weeks ago. Freaked me out. I started asking questions all around and here is what I net out:

-Lots of people on this board and over at Braintalk say they have them with a BFS diagnosis

- Many people have been told by reputable neuros that they are all a normal part of BFS

- i was just told by an ALS expert that he finds them a "little unusual" to be a part of BFS...but he says strength would be an issue first...not just twitches

- the quote from Med Help referring to Dr Pioro Clevland Clinic saying he does not believe benign fascis of the tongue exist.

It seems to be all over the map. The bottom line appears to be without strength loss and other symptoms, they seem to not mean much. AND the crux..we all wonder if what we are seeing on our tongues are even really fasics - some say could be a normal tongue spasms we all get. I also read that since the tongue does not have a subcutaneous layer of fat like the layer between our skin and muscles everywhere else, that one can see all sorts of movements of the tongue that mean nothing.
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Re: Tongue Fasciculations

Postby mikes44 on February 28th, 2014, 3:30 pm

I quite frequently get an odd feeling under my tongue, like its numb and swollen, and get occasional twitches in the tongue. Probably more to do with anxiety than bfs.
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Re: Tongue Fasciculations



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