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Any connection between BFS and RLS?

PostPosted: September 20th, 2005, 6:00 pm
by dtmguy
Has anyone seen (or anyones' Neuros commented) on any sensory commonality between RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) and BFS? RLS is getting all the press lately, it seems, especially with Requip's approval by the FDA to treat it. So many of my sensory symptoms (besides twitches which are motor symptoms) fit RLS to a 'T', except I don't feel compelled to move my legs to get temporary relief nor do my symptoms get worse in the evening (although they are more noticeable at rest). I did note after spending some time on RLS boards that some of them do twitch as well.

I'm getting up the guts to try my Requip starter pack. I'm paranoid of med side effects after Lexapro launched my BFS episodes and I found relative unconcern amongst my docs when I first reported the popcorn in my calves and other weird side-effects. Never had them before...

I also see a 10 percent prevalence for RLS in the general population. Wonder if those numbers exist for BFS...