How Bad Can BFS Get?

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How Bad Can BFS Get?

Postby windquick on September 7th, 2002, 2:07 pm

I am fairly new to this board although I lurked a bit a few months ago so I apologise if I am asking questions that have been asked before.

I am writing because my fiance could have BFS (see 'Life On Hold, Please Help' in this forum for more on his situation) but believes that he has MND/ALS and can't hope that anyone can feel as bad as him and still have a benign condition. As far as I can tell, if he does have BFS, it is a severe case but I wanted to ask if anybody has similar symptoms.

He has excruciating, sometimes almost unbearable pain in his calves as well as a completely debilitating fatigue, an absolute absence of energy which is far too severe to be attributable simply to depression (I suffer from clincial depression myself so speak from experience). We have wondered if he has M.E. it is so severe, but as usual the doctors can't diagnose. Basically he spends almost all his time lying on the sofa and often feels too exhausted to do the simplest things such as be taken for a drive, or sit in the garden. He very much WANTS to be able to get out of the house to get a change of scene and be able to do things so it is not due to apathy brought on by depression. Does any of this sound familiar?

As well as that he has lots of twitches and other BFS symptoms but it is the extreme fatigue and the pain in the calves which seem a bit more unusual. Any thoughts?

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Postby Arron on September 8th, 2002, 7:28 pm

There are several things that come to my mind. First off, it might not be plain old BFS, it might be BCFS, which is nothing more than Benign Cramping Fasciculations. he could also have Chrinic Fatigue Syndrome and/or Fybromyalgia. Either way, ALL of these are benign and there is no way possible for any of the symptoms you described to be ALS. ALS doesn't work that way. Fatigue and Calf pain is extremely common with BFS and if the pain is more like cramping, then it is BCFS, which is also common and has nothing to do with ALS. BFS, Fibro and BCFS don't show-up on EMG's and can't be found in any blood test (as of yet anyway). What EMG's and a basic neuro exam CAN tell is whether you have ALS or not and they are VERY accurate and EMG's don't lie or have wishy washy results. he doesn't have ALS, period.
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