jaw jerk

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jaw jerk

Postby sthomas on September 12th, 2005, 4:33 pm

I've been having fascics for 2 years now -- pretty much all over my body, but starting in the calves and feet. No real weakness, though I haven't been exercising as much so have probably lost some muscle mass, but can still exercise pretty vigorously. A year into this, one ALS specialist at a major hospital told me, after an emg and exam, basically I was fine, and this did not look like ALS to him. That was one year ago. But just last month, I went in for another visit with a different neuromuscular specialist, just a yearly neuro check-up, and he noticed a reflex called a "jaw jerk", along with generally brisk reflexes. He says there's still only a very small chance that this is indicative of a disease, but he wants to schedule an MRI. And so the door has opened to all the anxiety, the worries, the fears, the insomnia that I thought I'd got rid of about a year ago. Question: has anybody else had experience on this subject of profuse fascics, reflexes and "jaw jerks"? I'd be happy to hear your input if you have. Thanks.

Postby Bless_You_All on September 12th, 2005, 4:59 pm

One can very seriously question the call on "jaw jerk" if you've had fasics. for 2 years with normal EMG after a year. The question is : Was he able to get this repeatedly - if not, it is not anything to be concerned. Besides, it may have been a very subject interpretation of the Neuro (was it pronounced or mild ?)
Once again, it does not seem that there is to be concerned about. Brisk reflexes are normal (not pathological - note the difference).
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Postby dande5 on September 13th, 2005, 9:09 am

Maybe the other dr. noted that also but felt it was normal, not indicative of any disease. ?..maybe?.. This dr. I am sure like all, has to cover his/her own tush if they notice anything. The mri is just double insurance, something to back him up that he really believes it is nothing but needs to check for insurance sake.

Try not to worry, this long into it, you would have already known of something sinister, I'm sure. :)
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Postby Val2 on September 25th, 2005, 8:01 pm

As far as I know MRI'S are not much use as diagnostics for *** but I guess a I could be wrong. I thought they were mainly usead for MS testing. Anyways, I have totaly had the muscle jerks especially as i'm trying to fall asleep. Soemone posted that it was not related to any real disease. I know this is king of off topic but it makes me wonder how these confident answers do not come from actual doctors. Sometimes I even worry that this whole forum exists not for bfs sufferers but for people worried that their condition will worsen and are a bit desperate to comfort others and in aswell as themselves which is not terribly helpful from as medical stanpoint . Have you seem all the link to the left of the homepage on 'coping with als?" real comforting. Bye for now.
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Postby smnbfstoo on September 25th, 2005, 8:23 pm

Val 2, MRI's do not detect ALS. They are used to detect MS and other issues regarding the brain, the spine and other parts of the body that may be causing symptoms. The EMG, NCV and neuro exam are the tests for ALS. A clean EMG and Neuro exam pretty much rules it out. As for the myclonic jerks throughout the body, they can be very common with people who don't have BFS. My husband jerks every night while falling asleep, always has and so do his brothers and his father. My neuro specifically told me that the jerk like movements are not related to ALS. And, no, we are not doctors, but I know I am very conscious to ask my doctors the right questions as they ARE the experts. I look, as do others on this Board, to help give information that I have learned from my neuro and other doctors throughout my experience with BFS. If you read my post from Friday regarding my last scheduled neuro visit, you will read about lots of things that my neuro and I talked about and the answers to questions I asked, as the key for most of us is having open, honest discussions regarding our symptoms and looking for the answers and having all the tests.

I personally do not look to this Board to diagnose me, as they are not doctors. I look to them to see if anyone has shared any of the same experiences, for support and quite frankly, have made some great cyberspace friendships along the way, which in no way is a bad thing. I also found it a way to shift some of my negative feelings into positive ones.
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Postby Ginlyn on September 25th, 2005, 11:52 pm


I have brisk reflexes (I've had them for as long as I can remember) Sometimes, they are more "brisk" than others. My neuro and GP said this can depend upon your state of anxiety, meds, sleep, etc. Some peopel are just wired this way.

I haven't experienced a jaw jerk reflex, though.

I have read of others that have it (on the braintalk boards) and didn't have anything sinister.

Hope this helps.

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