Does BFS last forever?

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Does BFS last forever?

Postby Joe on September 6th, 2002, 5:42 pm

I wonder if I have to live all my life with BFS or if it will go away.
How many people had BFS in the past and now have no twitches at all?
My neurologist says that it will go away, but it's more than 1 year I twitch and I really want to know the truth! :evil:

Postby Jake_the_twitch on September 6th, 2002, 6:10 pm

My Neurologist also says it will stop sometime although he says he has had patients twitch for 10 years plus. On other health sites people have said they have stopped. You probably won't get anyone first hand here saying they stopped because if it stopped this would probably be the last site they would visit they would be enjoying life.

I am at just over a year now and I hope that I will stop as well but I think we need to be resigned for more twtiching and perhaps when we stop hoping for it that is when it will stop.
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Postby Joe on September 7th, 2002, 3:35 am

Ok! We all hope it will stop one day!
I don't agree with you when you say that this would probably be the last site that people who had BFS resolved would visit; in my case if it will happen the first thing I'll do is to tell everyone here what happened and how! That would be the best help that anyone can give here!
Ok, suppose you are right an I am wrong, any of you know someone who had BFS coplitely resolved?
I read the Mayo Clinic report and the follow up results: many of them after years have improved, but none of them had BFS complitely resolved... :x
I know that Arron made lot of reserch on BFS, so I have 2 questions for you Arron:
how BFS last (avarage)?
do you personally know (or have you ever heard of) someone who had BFS complitely resolved?

Mine stopped and started

Postby RaeKwon on September 7th, 2002, 5:54 am

I am 31 years old.

I first started twitching when I was 14 years old. My chest muscle twitched for a couple of weeks. Then it just stopped. Then at the age of 28 it started again. This time in my calf muscles. I freaked out a bit because it was like I had bugs under my skin but with no internet to point to ALS etc I didn't really worry about it. That went away after a few weeks also. Then about 8 months ago I noticed my middle finger twitching every so often. But that stopped about a week later. Had a very tiring flight from New Zealand to Ireland (took about 33 hours - 4 different planes). I had a lot on my mind during that time and noticed my finger starting to twitch. This started to scare me (as now I had the internet to look things up with) and I found something along the lines of Parkinsons. But a few days later it dissappeared. 6 weeks later I made the trip home again and they started up again. This time for about six weeks. Once again they stopped.

A few weeks later I mentioned them to my doctor as I was curious as to what had caused them. (I was twitch free at the time). He mentioned ALS and BOOM!!! that night they were back with an unbelievable frequency.

After becoming more aware of the benign nature of my symtoms I don't worry about them any more. And my twitches seem to be getting better.

I will let you know if they stop again!
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Postby Arron on September 7th, 2002, 11:51 am

Joe, don't worry so much about when or if this BFS stuff will ever stop. If you don't pay any attention to it, you'l never (or rarely) ever even notice it, unless you have the more extreme symptoms like I have.

I have spoken with several people that have had BFS for over 23 years and I have spoken with people that have had it for about a year or two and had it go away. It's really an individual thing. The one single thing you need to remember is that this is benign. Don't worry about it and don't dwell on it. Go fishing, go have a beer, go ride a bike, play with your kids, kick the dog, tease the neighbor kids or do whatever you feel like doing that you'd normally do and do NOT dwell on this BFS crap. It'll get ya for sure. It did me! I didn't know about this and other web site until after about a year of pure terror and being a complete loss of a human being, so I KNOW what it's like and I can tell you first hand, it SUCKS! Don't get caught-up in all of the "what if's", be certain that this is NOTHING that is going to harm you, except for the occasional ache or pain that is common with BFS. It could be a LOT worse, so celebrate this as a "thank you" for not letting it be anything worse. Hang in there, you'll be just fine and once you get over your fears of it, you too will not even notice it anymore and you won't be worrying about it either :-)
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I've heard...

Postby Jeff on September 27th, 2002, 3:17 pm

From my neuro that it will "probably eventually go away."

From a textbook I read, "eventual recovery can be expected".

I've heard of someone with it for 32 years so we'd better learn to live with it or the next 30 years will be awful dreary! 8)
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I've heard...



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