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New Problem

PostPosted: August 15th, 2005, 5:58 pm
by AndrewG
I posted this a few weeks ago. The constant twitching in that spot has vanished, but what is bothering me now when I stretch my legs on a table I feel almost as if the table is moving a bit. My legs are steady and I am a very fast runner, and my legs are not moving. It is as if at times I can feel the blood going past my veins. I know it is an illusion, but I still get that feeling.
I am a healthy adult in my 20s. I had a stressful period this winter and started to notice my eye twitching. I did a search on twitches on the internet and then saw something about ALS. So as soon as I read that, I noticed that I was twitching in other spots. Like my legs, arms, lips, and feet.
That has been two months. Now I noticed that under my ankles, I have a twitch that occurs 3 times a minute, if I am resting. I could see it with my eyes.
I am athletic. I weightlift, and can run the 100 meters in 13 seconds.
What does this sound like.