Regarding PAIN (for "Scared"

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Regarding PAIN (for "Scared"

Postby Guest on July 4th, 2005, 1:51 am

This is a response by a Cleveland Clinic Neurologist (on their forum) in which someone asked about pain and als:


Pain is not a prominent early or late symptom of ALS, and does not suggest ALS

Fasciculations in the absence of objective muscle weakness or wasting is not likely to be ALS. More commonly fasciculations are benign and provoked by exercise, cold, certain medication, pinched nerves and some viral disorders. A buzzing sensation is unlikely to be fasciculations.

Carpal tunnel is not diagnosed by EMG but by nerve conduction studies. If normal and it is a good and thorough study, the problem may be muskuloskeletal or muscular. I cannot be more specific in your case unfortunately with the information you provide.

The El Escorial criteria for the diagnosis of ALS require evidence of ALS in more than one limb (three for definite ALS). This evidence is based on clinical or EMG grounds, so even if one limb was done on EMG (the most symptomatic one?), lack of other clinical evidence would not suggest ALS. An EMG in other limbs would not be indicated unless you developed symptoms in them such as muscle wasting or muscle weakness.

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Regarding PAIN (for "Scared"



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