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What I tried!

PostPosted: June 18th, 2005, 7:56 am
by sevenedge
I was scared silly 4 years ago when my twitches started. I still try to sometimes woorry that it is more than BFS, but after I read this forum, is re-assures me I do not have anything serious. Unfortunately, I have wasted so much time, money and worry on this. I ready to move on. I decided to start this thread to show the crazy things I have tried to end the twitching.

1) Calcium
2) B12 off the shelf regular
3) B12 non time release off the shelf
4) B12 with Methylcobalamin as lozenges
5) Quit eating pork
6) tahitian Nony juice. this stuff taste so nasty
7) Multi vitamins
8) changed laundry detergent
9) Vitamin C heavy doses
10) Vitamin A heavy doses
11) ginseng
12) Folic acid
13) Alphalapoic acid
14) Liquid B12

I had the brain scan
I had all the needles stuck in me with the electric shock
I went to chiropraters
I have been to nutrtitionalist
I have been to 2 different MDs
I have been to 2 different Neurologist

I wish I had all the time,effort and moeny I spent searching for my twitch causes. I still feel funny being to confident that it is BFS since I had the placebo effect on half of the above things i took, but i know this is it. This BFS stuff fits me to a T. So if anyone is in doubt, keep reading that top sticky posted here answering questions. This site has changed my life and gave it back to me. I now Don't feel I have a death sentence. I do not know why BFS isnt more talked about other than since it isnt life threatening, no one really worries about it. That is sad, cause it needs to get out so people dont have to go thru what I and many oters have.,,,,7