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Crawling sensation on back/in arms, pain in foot

PostPosted: June 7th, 2005, 11:55 am
by the swede
I posted here a week ago about my fears. I have bodywide twitching (since more than two months) and pain/needles and pins (since four months). Had a clean neurological exam after two weeks of twitching, no EMG. The symptoms come and go, especially the pain. No weakness that I have noticed.

Lately, actually the last week or so, I have been experiensing a new sensation. It feels like worms are slowly crawling down my spine, and it is worse in the lower back area. In my lower back I also have a severe pain some days. I can not see anything in the mirror. I can see most of my other twitches though. I also feel very sore and tender in my right arm (biceps and below), and it feels like small small fasciculations in the same area. It kind of tickles. I can not see them, but they make me crazy sometimes. The same thing comes and goes in my lower legs and thighs, especially in my feet. And this is accompanied by "real" twitches that sometimes can bee seen through my jeans.

Can anyone relate to this? I worry about those small fasciculations, especially those on my back. I read somewhere that "bad" fasciculations often present themselfes on the back and are smaller than benign ones. this sounds worrying.

As I said, I have no weakness, but my left foot hurts when I walk, and it feels funny, like there is some kind of inflamed tissue there. This symptom is not a new one, but a persisting one. It has been there for three months now. Can bee really sore and achy sometimes, and sometimes the pain is totally or almost gone. This is worrysome. I can not get it out of my head that it could bee weakness that makes my foot hurt, that some muscle in my foot is week and therefore produces this pain in the surrounding area. I can do all the test things, like walking on toes and heels, and my toes and ancles are strong.

Has anyone had this? What do you think about it?