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Abstract article on BFS/ Please read Johnny

PostPosted: May 19th, 2005, 3:46 pm
by Ginlyn

Thanks again for the reassuring post.

As you know, my anxiety level has been "flood stage" lately, and honestly just yesterday at the gym (when I calf raised 160 pounds), did I really feel good thinking that a year ago I could only do 110, yes my fasiculations are worse, but my strength is clearly "up". Even had two men remark how strong my calves were -they couldn't believe I could do all that weight (esp. since I'm a petite woman :wink: )

Reading that post did not especially make me feel better, but you know what? There are ALWAYS going to be exceptions to life and especially, medicine. There are no 100% guarantees. I could have ten normal EMGS for the next ten years, but that doesn't guarantee I won't get ALS when I'm 70. I don't believe (thank you Mayo Clinic Study) that because I fasciculate or "twitch" that my chances are higher than your average Joe or Josephine walking down the street, though.

I appreciate all the information out there, really I do. (even the not so good news), but I do prefer "whole" articles, sources, dates, etc. Snippets or Abstracts just don't tell the whole story and end up causing needless anxiety.

Which is the purpose of this post - thank you Johnny for bringing the "whole picture" to us.