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Cigarette smoking connection?

PostPosted: May 4th, 2005, 1:50 pm
by crazed
I have been visiting this sight for almost two years since my fasciculations have begun. It has provided me with the only peace of mind that I have had over this period. I went through the ALS fear like everyone else but am surprised people are not more concerned about the cancer implications.

I am curious what level of exposure most of the people on this sight have had to cigarette smoke? I was raised in a household with both parents smoking (until 17) and married a man that smokes but not in the house or around me. I have never smoked and hate it but I will most likely be a victim of it. I am now 44.

I would love to see a more in-depth survey that addresses more medical issues such as 1-smoke exposure, 2-family history of lung cancer, thymoma, autoimmune disorders, or ALS, 3-out of normal limit bloodwork, 4-other unique health issues 5-factors that you think might have contributed to the onset of this condition. This sight affords the power to accumulate details on a much more statistically valid scale than a 60 person study. I am not the person to know what is medically important data but it does seem like we could try to take things a step further. Maybe a doctor might pick up the study if we could get a direction and do most of the work. I am happy to help however I can.