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What are your twitches like?

PostPosted: April 7th, 2005, 9:48 am
by jmanga01
Hi Everyone

What exactly are your twitches like? I rarely see mine...they move all around my body, they will be in my back for a second, then my calf, then my foot, etc. they almost feel like little popcorns going off in my body! Somtimes they'll go on for a few minutes in one spot but not that often.
Yesterday when I went to the dr for the EMG (i only had 2 spots done on my leg b/c it was so painful) he said that if i wanted to call my twitches BFS I could...I said, do you think its made up? He said not at all, but usually in his patients with BFS he can see their twitches but he can't see mine. Whenever he asks me to show him them, they move around too fast! Its so frustrating and now I am wondering, do I have different kind of twitches?