Neuro appointment postponed till May.

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Neuro appointment postponed till May.

Postby James_Glasgow on March 14th, 2005, 6:41 pm

Hi folks, not been on in a while.

My appointment got pushed back till May ... which would make it 7 months from when the whole "worrying" about twitches began.

The last few weeks I had been fine, with almost no twitches. However, in the days building up to the appointment, I was a wreck. The twitches returned, and then the new appointment date came in the post.

Since then, this has come crashing to the front of my mind, and I'm having constant feet, calf, thigh, upper arm, lower arm, hand, and neck twitching. It's calmed down again, but the very thought of the appointment pending made the anxiety kick in, and with it, the twitches.

I said that I wouldn't go to the appointment in March, but now I can say for sure that I won't be going to the appointment in May ... if it isn't postponed again. After 7 months of twitching, something else would surely have shown up had this been more serious.

I'm also becoming increasingly suspicious that I have a form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I need to get up at 7am every morning (Mon - Fri), but for almost four years I've sat up watching TV till 1am or 2am before going to sleep. My diet is abysmal, with too much fizzy juice and chocolate, and not enough fruit and veg.

I'm going to rework my diet and sleep pattern and see how things go.

Cheers for listening.

Neuro appointment postponed till May.



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