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PostPosted: November 2nd, 2004, 3:21 am
by unlucky_guy
After visiting numerous neurologists and pretty much spending days on end trying to figure out what caused my BFS...I've found that my BFS was caused by a HSV-2 (Herpes Simplex Virus) infection all along.

I apparently got infected last year, though I didn't realize it at the time...but I was experiencing "weird symptoms" (like tingling) in my legs which I brushed off. But after visiting a doctor and looking back on them, they were Genital Herpes outbreaks. And pretty much at the same exact time as I was experiencing those Herpes outbreaks...I started having muscle twitching all over my body (especially the legs).

I have finally received a confirmation of my herpes diagnosis by blood test...and I'm sure it is the culprit because after reading up on message boards for Herpes sufferers, I've found that other people have complained about full-body muscle twitches! short, I'm 100% SURE that there is a link between HERPES SIMPLEX VIRUS and BFS. It may not be the only cause behind BFS, but just in case, my advice to you guys is to go get a blood test and find out if Herpes is the cause behind yours too. If it is, maybe we can figure out a way to stop it.

Any comments?

(P.S. Sorry to cross-post, I just want to make sure everyone see this and has a chance to respond)