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Resting tongue twitch, really scared.

PostPosted: March 15th, 2016, 4:03 pm
by Arkansan
I've noticed a couple of times today that my tongue has twitches a bit at rest. Like rested in my mouth, with my mouth open I will get this spot at the bottom of the tongue against my front teeth that visibly twitches. It will crimp up an leg go just like a twitch anywhere else. Now I see tons of post saying that a resting tongue twitch is always bad!

To top it off I've been feeling twitches in my throat, neck, and a occasional pulling under my chin beneath where my tongue is. Now I'm good and freaked out about it. Anyone else have these?

Edit; So apparently there are some spots of really tiny fine twitches along the edge of my tongue as well. I can't feel them but in the mirror I can see them with my tongue at rest inside my mouth, like just rested between my teeth.

I'm actually sick to my stomach about this one. Now I'm having constant twitches in multiple spots at the same time, like three separate spots on my right leg alone as well as in my left foot and a couple other places.