Symptoms check!

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Symptoms check!

Postby Mercfh on January 19th, 2016, 10:13 am


Hi All,

So i've lurked around here before, and wanted to just do a quick symptoms check:
First of all, I've been dealing with this "issue" for probably a good 8-9 years. Some things I can remember even earlier than that.

My main symptom is twitching/tremor of my hands, it's not a resting tremor of any sort it sort of happens if say I bend my thumb to a certain angle it'll start to twitch. Or if I squeeze my left hand for instance into a tight fist it'll do it guaranteed (my whole fist will twitch). Also when I see switch I mean it happens at a high frequency (aka a really fast twitch) it's not like a steady same frequency motion.

I know for sure its not an intention tremor (as I've done all those fun tests before) and honestly I don't really notice it. But it seems based on position or exertion of a muscle (like tightening my fist for instance) or holding my hand above gravity and trying to keep it still. (not sure what kind of tremor u would call this).

Also it seems like my left hand/arm is more prone to it ( I guess because it's weaker). But on either arm if they are "exhausted" from fatigue/working out they will do it easier. (this includes being fatigued in general).

The other symptom I notice is random muscle twitches (I've gotten them on my buttcheek lol/eyelid but I seem to mainly get them on my bicep.). It's a noticeable muscle twitch (like you can see it). It doesn't hurt, and seems random. It's also the symptoms I remember happening the earliest in my life (like >10 years ago). but the twitching (I think) has only been happening for the past 7 or so years.

I have been to the neuro twice (long time ago). I went in for the thumb MRI scans and did tests. No lesions or anything, and I know it's not ALS. But my neuro never really said what it was (He didnt say BFS).

Anyways It doesn't really bother me in my life, I guess im more-so worried about Parkinson's or MS...but I mean they did scans (a long time ago)....and things haven't worsened they've basically stayed the same. In times of stress however my muscle twitches will go crazy lol. I feel like if I had parkinson's or MS things would probably get worse over a period of 7 years I would think right?

The hand/arm twitch/tremor is probably the thing I worry about most, dunno why my left hand is more susceptible to it? I guess because it's so much weaker (Im right handed)....but yeah thats what worries me sometimes. Am I ok? :shock:
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Symptoms check!



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