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Updated Symptoms

PostPosted: November 22nd, 2015, 10:15 pm
by Pascal35
Hi everyone,

This annoying issue with my right hand is still present.
Even though i had 2 clean EMGs i still can't realize why these symptoms become gradually worse.
Over the past months i am dealing with some strange finger tightness/stiffness when i try to bend the fingers of my right hand.
Its like they are swollen but are not...
Originally was only on my index finger but now it seems that it spread around!
Its the whole day the same. Doesn't change between morning and evening.
Has anyone ever had or heard about something similar?

Re: Updated Symptoms

PostPosted: November 27th, 2015, 12:55 pm
by edado69
Please, read my previous posts. Absolutely so. I had 2 EMGs myself. Fasciculations have been found to my right triceps and I am sure also elsewhere as the neurophysiologist was doing the EMG, yet EMG was reported as normal. This was how many years ago? Many...Still training and going strong. One, only, advice for you: trust the neurologist.

Re: Updated Symptoms

PostPosted: November 29th, 2015, 4:38 am
by Pascal35
Thanks for your advice...
As i said earlier the only thing that calms me down is the fact that i had a few recent EMGs on my right arm which only showed the same old chronic innervation due to my humerus fracture 10 years ago which injured the radial nerve. I still have the plate and screws in my arm.
On the other side you can read below my exact current issues in the hand
- Right Thumb tremor during the extension (slightly weaker) Drs say that this is from the Radial Nerve old injury. Its been there 2 years now so i guess i have to live with that. I have checked with the EMG all the possible thumb muscles...
- Right Index finger looks bigger and is stiffer than the left. This makes all the tasks more difficult (compared to the left). I am sure it was always bigger but i can't remember that it was stiffer...(its harder to put me watch on my left than on my right)
- Right Fingers extension is more difficult than the left. This is due to the radial nerve again. Its strange though that i haven't noticed it so much for so many years. I had this injury 10 years ago!!!
- Slight atrophy in the finger extensor muscles in the forearm which is caused again by the radial nerve old injury. I have checked it via EMG and gladly over the last 2 years the results are the same.
- Right shoulder muscles get tired easier than the left. Again have checked it with EMG and its clear. This is again possible because of the old operation.
- Vibration feelings on my arm when i try to relax it.

On the other hand its good that my grip strength on the right hand gets higher. Its a different muscle group but at least it means that i don't have a general break down.

Anyway. My mind is stuck to these issues and its really very frustrating