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Abdominal Issue

PostPosted: October 14th, 2015, 3:34 pm
by lostinneverwhere
Been a few months since I hit my anniversary of dealing with this beast.

Got a new symptom and don't know if it could be related to BFS or some other issue.

My abdominal area around my belly button feels irritated. It's like a band extending from on oblique to the other. Not really painful. Has a slight burning/irritation/itch to it on occasion. I usually feel it more sitting down. The muscles there feel tight, but don't feel tight on engagement or use. I can flex them without any pain. Feels like it's on the skin at time. Skin shows no sign of irritation and does hurt to palpate.

Have put on some additional weight (sadly, I'm obese) and clothes have been a bit tighter and was attributing it to that. But even with loose fitting clothing feels about the same. Been going on and off for about 3 weeks.

Any thoughts?
Thank you kindly.