Influence on endurance sport ability

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Influence on endurance sport ability

Postby Minnman on April 9th, 2015, 11:30 pm

I posted a few times in the fall, then symptoms diminished, and now there are more, so I am back....

Is anybody out there either a current or former devotee of endurance sports. I'm a serious cyclist, and my BFS-symptoms started last August, immediately following an accident where I broke my hand and suddenly stopped riding.

The first symptoms were severe exercise intolerance - I tried to stay fit by doing some elliptical exercise and had huge pains in (both) my inner thighs after just 15 minutes of mild exercise. This happened repeatedly for about a week and so i just stopped exercising.

Then I started twitching - all over, but especially in my legs - fasiculations.

Bone healing took forever until the docs realized that I had a serious Vitamin D deficiency. After aggressive supplementation, the bone began to heal and the twitching seemed to go away.

Now the bone is healed and my vitamin D is OK, but in January, the twitching came back.

And then when i started cycling again in February, the same muscles that were "intolerant" in August/September ache all the time. Not as bad as last fall, but they just always have this feeling of deep fatigue.

And, my performance on the bicycle is PITIFUL. It's not just that I've lost fitness and am slowly coming back. I've had to deal with this before - a long time off the bike, loss of all my fitness, and then slowly building up again. I have detailed records of ride distances and speeds going back years, and compared to previous comebacks, I'm just very weak on the bicycle, even after 2 months of slowly building up.
(Just to clarify, my definition of weak might not be the same as others'. I can ride for 50 miles without too much problem, butI do it much slower than I should be able to after 2 months of training.)

Commentary or similar experiences are welcome.
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Re: Influence on endurance sport ability

Postby HonkeyKong on April 20th, 2015, 7:42 pm

Im in the same boat brother. broke my nose/face in july14' ... had surgery And ive been a twitching mess ever since. I used to lift heavy 3-4 nights a week and do moderate cardio. My cardio isnt bad but i just cant seem to regain the muscle ive lost. Ive had 3 clean emgs at 1,3,&8 months after twitching began so i guess im clear of anything major, but my arms just seem to be getting weaker/smaller. I hope things start getting better for you... 9 months into this nightmare and nothing I do seems to make me feel better
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Re: Influence on endurance sport ability

Postby Yuliasir on April 20th, 2015, 10:47 pm

I have noted this without any connection to BFS or fitness in general - I am 0 fit person but from time to time I was used to try some home excercises. And I found that even those very moderate excecises are harder to start and sustain every time after a break.

we are not going younger, that is the reason I think.
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Re: Influence on endurance sport ability



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