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Exercise intolerance

PostPosted: April 8th, 2015, 10:17 am
by retintin
Hi, I haven't been here for some years. I had some really good years. Little twitches, little health problems. Everything under control. I am 45 years old meanhwile.
Last year twitches came back with some unpleasant myoclonies. They disappeared. And came back in january. I went to see the neuro. Everything looks fine. He did a lot of checks. Nothing to worry about.
But now since some weeks and month a new symptom has shown up and is getting really strong: I guess it is what you call here 'exercice intolerance'. I run for 17 years every week a small 2-3 km run. Always the same distance. So, I am really used to it. Since a few weeks I have pains after running. Things are getting worse and worse. Now, they start already while running. Some hours after the jogging they get really strong. 12 hours after the running they are on the peak. They are so strong that I have to hobble. So, I really have strong pains in the limbs and my muscles are twitching all over when I am going to sleep. As an alternative sport I go swimming. I also do it for years. Today I started to feel pain in the limbs after swimming as well. Even though I have been swimming my usual 1000 meters.
So my question: is this what you call 'exercice intolerance'? I don't feel any problems of weakness. I am able to run and swim as fast as always. But I have really strong pains after.
Do I have to see my doctor or do I have to lean back, accept my destiny, reduce sport and hope that things will improve after a while?
Can anyone explain me where these pains come from?
They don't make any sense to me

Re: Exercice intolerance

PostPosted: April 8th, 2015, 11:39 am
by Ghayes420
HI Peter,

Thanks for sharing. I have heard of this phenomena called exercise intolerance. If you take a read of the posting from Andytwitchalot from yesterday, you will see that after 8 years, he is reporting nearly the exact same thing. I find this fascinating and a tad disheartening at the same time. His EMG was spotless and we know this isn't MND, so I am scratching my head as I am sure any neuro that you see would do as well.
I think that for many of us, this BFS is actually what Mayo Clinic told me mine was related to. "...suspect a potassium ion channel dysfunction...". If this is indeed the case, you would of course suspect more pain and soreness, and increased recovery times in exercised muscle.
I don't train extremely hard and I feel, just my opinion, that exercise should be continued yet reduced for those with this condition. I am sure many will disagree, but those of us with true bodywide fascics of unknown origin are just aggravating the condition with extreme physical stress. Your workouts don't sound terribly stressful at 2-3km once per week. Maybe reduce to a fast walk of 2-3km 3x a week? Sorry I cant be of more help.

Re: Exercise intolerance

PostPosted: April 9th, 2015, 1:37 pm
by retintin
Thanks Gaye. Yes, it's for the firts time a really disappointing change. With the twichtes you kind of manage to live a normal life. With the exercice intolerance I have to change my daily routine and give up some things I used to do over so many years. This is difficult to accept. My workout is pretty decent, but still I have to think about giving it up.
Since this exercice intolerance is new to me I have one more question to the ones who are more familar with it:
I have twitches since almost 10 years. In my experience they come and go. There are moments where they are almost gone. Than they come back for some month before disapperaing again. How is this condition called 'exercice intolerance'? Is it as well improving and aggravating or do I have to face it as a fact which will be there from now on - never getting better, perhaps going worse over the years?