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Strange big toes

PostPosted: February 6th, 2015, 9:52 am
by miika123
Hi. Have not posted in years. Was having my first bfs episode back in 06 If I remember right. Im also having anxiety, mostly health anxiety. really havent had symptom free day in ten years! crazy :shock:

Anyways. Now im worried about a new one ive had for a couple of days. This is REALLY hard to explain, its so weird. It started all of the sudden in BOTH big toes. It feels like pressure in toes for a few seconds at a time. It happens randomly, one moment its left one, next time right odd sensation. Kinda feels like squeezing sensation, and feels like nails are about to pop out! While resting and finding a right position its gone. Worst when walking. Not sure if its some kind of cramp, it does not hurt though...

So yesterday started having pins and needles in my legs, little twitching randomly all I thought maybe its part of bfs? Anyone ever had anything similar?? My mind is going to MS and als and all the other crazy things, and my anxiety is high.

Re: Strange big toes

PostPosted: June 27th, 2015, 2:16 pm
by miika123
Back to this topic I started in february....

Ok, so had that weird toe sensations( still kinda have it), it went away for a while, my legs feeling about normal. But about a month ago started again, oh *beep*!!

Again the big toes feeling on and off strange. Terrible tingling and pins and needles in feet. Vibrator against skin sensations randomly in legs and feet. Burning feet and calfs at night. Both feet are hurting on and off while walking. Cramping sensations in calfs. Twitching....nothing crazy, but feet and calfs twitching, and randomly all over, but nothing bad ( as this symptom does not scare me so much anymore). If I walk 15 minutes ( basically do anything physical) symptoms get worse.....stiff tingling feet, so much odd sensations all over my legs, scary!

My anxiety is super high. All I do is think about whats, als, neuropathy. Only thing that has helped is to get drunk, it takes away 80% of all the symptoms, so ive been drinking way too much ( for years actually, as it is only thing that helps my anxiety, seriously, sad). And now im convinced its neuropathy! Though I was not much of a drinker ten years ago when all this craziness started.

So, ive had these issues on and off for ten years. Twitching, tingling, pins and needles etc etc, but this is the scariest episode ive ever had! Because my feet are so weird and most of the symptoms are located there, instead all over.

Re: Strange big toes

PostPosted: June 27th, 2015, 5:55 pm
by misterjuanperalta
Looks like it could be neuropathy or spine issues. Have them checked.

Re: Strange big toes

PostPosted: July 5th, 2015, 1:42 pm
by okumotwitch
Hey miika,

I've been experiencing the same sort of symptoms (quite all of them and a few more) for about a year. And I did remember your post from February - interestingly enough, I do think that I know what you were trying to explain regarding the pain in your big toes. I used to drink quite a lot as well (getting drunk helped me to get my mind off that twitching crap, but obviously, it only helps for a short period of time and is generally making things much worse in the end), but I wasn't a huge drinker as well when it started 6 years ago. I haven't had a drink for the last two years, but it seems that my kidney suffered quite a lot. As you might be aware of the fact that drinking might cause neuropathy, you might want to consider to stop drinking and find a more sensible way to cope with your fear. The therapy of a neuropathy caused by alcoholism is sobriety - and I know that would be a huge task in Finland, but believe me, we Austrians are quite heavy drinkers as well. ;-) (Not saying that you are suffering from neuropathy - but because of my drinking habbits, I considered this possibility as well).

About a year ago I massively hurt my back while working out. As a result I wasn't even able to walk for about two days. I had massive back pain since than and I'm currently consulting my doc (probably a bit late, I know). Those kind of nerve-pain/sensations in the legs might also be caused by a herniated disk. Therapy is sports to strengthen the abs so that the lumbar column is discharged.

What I'm trying to say here is, as we are both "long timers" (as they call it in the trade of bfs), we should get our mind off that not so "funny stuff" and consider the dozens of possibilities which can be treated and make live worth living again. (or it might be due to our similiar interests - regarding music & girls?) And believe me, I'd love to get drunk to just have a break for a few hours (the last year has been quite a stressfull time for me as well), but I can't allow myself to do that to me again...

So cheer up and get active,

cheers! - In terms of greetings, obviously... ;-)

Re: Strange big toes

PostPosted: July 18th, 2015, 1:34 pm
by miika123
Thanx for answers

Still having symptoms. The stuff seems to change almost every day! Today my calfs and thighs are twitching like nuts, annoying warm feeling inside feet and legs, and itchy toes. Some days big toes feeling strange, some days not. Pain of the feet is gone. Pins and needles, tingling, buzzing in feet and sometimes calfs....comes and goes. Last night was ok, some nights my feet are burning and having tight skin feeling ( have had this symptom even 10 years ago). Anxiety is high. Symptoms get wild after walking outside and gets worse during evening, night time.

Its all so *beep* scary and crazy!! I DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Though have had most of the symptoms before ( even 10 years ago) and have survived this far without any real damage. The thing im going through in my anxious head is....what if all those previous episodes during these crazy years were anxiety/bfs,and now im just really unlucky and am having some real fatal disease, with almost exactly similar symptoms!? Only difference being the big toes sensations and the fact that symptoms are not all over, but located to my thighs, calfs and feet. Though my thumb is twitching like crazy too. I dont know!!!!

Sorry for venting