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Craaaazy question but...

PostPosted: February 4th, 2015, 4:58 pm
by hpc
...having a bad super twitchy/vibration-y day and did the wrong thing of googling this evening. This time I ended up on a site about - parasites. I must have totally lost the plot but now I'm wondering is there any chance parasites could cause all this? Has anyone ever heard a mention of this? Probably not. I may have finally gone round the bend...!!

Re: Craaaazy question but...

PostPosted: February 5th, 2015, 12:43 am
by Yuliasir
Parasites is another ONE THING EXPLAINS IT ALL idea infesting common knowledge for the last decade.
Nope they could not be a cause of all disorders in our body. Parasites will cause moderate immune response of course, and immunalisis is used to determine hidden parasytic infection, but in fact the living goal of most of parasytes is to keep your body alive as much as possible as you are their field and garden. There are well known and often deadly dangerous parasytic infection, such as amebiasis, trhychomoniasis (causing extrememly high intoxication, especially when treated, due to enormous number of infesting organisms in the muscles), some other., mostly exotic infections which affect skin, eyes, cardiac muscles or, really seldom due to the HEB, brain - but those we inherit from our human or animal counterparts are rather living in equilibrium with us, not causing any especially bad effect (except maybe loss of weight and vitamine deficiency). One need to be really immune depleted (by the other factors like bacterial infection, chemical intoxication, Xray therpay or chemotherpay, AIDS) to develope severe parasitic infection with deep consequences.

It looks very promisisng to blame parasytes for all grey zone and even clear clinically defined diseases. But if you will look further, it would appear that you are prompted to do "full body purification" (with really unknown effects to your guts) or buy some too far non-specific treatment (like universal pills or electronic device) which of course would have a placebo effect but nothing more :)

If you are a dog or cat keepr, take some antiparasitic drugs 2 times per year if you are concerned, and this would be really enough and weighted approach, on my point of view.