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Anyone else twitch at injection site (shot)?

PostPosted: February 3rd, 2015, 2:10 pm
by emmie.s
My dad is a pharmacist/pharmacy owner and had a few extra flu shots left over, so since I didn't get one this year he convinced me to get one. He administered the shot and later asked how my arm felt, and when I said "fine, except for a little twitching" he said "yea, I noticed it started twitching when I inserted the needle so I wanted to make sure I didn't hit a nerve or something".
Cut to the old, paranoid me freaking out like the not so good ole days.
So I turned to Doctor Google and this time it helped out. Apparently (at least on bodybuilding forums) twitching at the injection site is pretty common and just means that a nerve was hit or irritated. On nursing sites, one nurse stated that she had this happen to a patient and other nurses chimed in and said that her technique was off and that she hit a nerve. Given that I have BFS and all my nerves are always on high alert this makes sense. Something also came up about myofascial trigger points and how they can also "create a twitch response" due to pressure of something (like a needle).
I just wanted to share this info to anyone who has or will experience this, to let you know that it's common with BFSers, steroid injecting bodybuilders, and nurses who suck at administering shots. If anyone else has had this it would be great to share your insight! :)