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Tremors and Muscle Ratcheting

PostPosted: January 26th, 2015, 11:59 pm
by d4twitch
So, I've been body wide twitching for over 9 months now. Everything twitches, tongue constantly tremors, etc. I haven't been properly diagnosed with anything nor been to anyone other than a GP yet who wasn't very worried at the time (5 months+ ago), though I didn't have or notice most of these symptoms at the time other than hand pain and body wide twitching. I'm 26 years old.

Was just curious how common these things are and if there is another possible reason behind them other than BFS:

1- Muscle ratcheting in nearly every part of my body. Shoulders, wrists, fingers, neck, back, abs, legs, ankles if i lift them while sitting at a computer chair or stand on my toes, etc. It's that whole very rigid feeling of muscles moving in stages instead of one fluid motion. Heck, if I do ANYTHING now it happens. It's pretty normal, for example, if you exercise or do a bunch of pushups that our muscles will eventually strain and begin to shake going up/down, but now it's basically nonstop regardless. Performing actions like moving a glass to my mouth is much harder because I have to focus on not dropping the glass, etc since the action isn't smooth anymore. I also get pretty crazy pain in my hands sometimes if I use them for otherwise normal tasks. The hand pain has calmed down quite a bit in the past couple of months at least. I don't really drop most things anymore often than normal, except I do notice myself dropping smaller foods like chips, peanuts, since keeping small objects steady has been especially more difficult, etc.

2. To a worse degree: certain fingers shake uncontrollably if I bend them towards my palm, especially my right ring finger, which honestly gives me a bit of a Parkinson's scare since my grandmother had it. If I do a simple action like holding my telephone or a book, etc my hand will start to vibrate and tremor. I'm assuming this is the same rigid muscle ratcheting, just in a much more noticeable area, the fingers...but it's good to hear others experiences on this. I've certainly been noticing it way more because my fingers have also had twitches a lot lately so I'm focusing on them.

3. Internal Tremors - I get a lot of these, especially when resting. It's a very odd feeling. I also notice my pulse in nearly every part of my body now. Sometimes it is so bad I can't even get into a comfortable position to go to sleep because some part of my body is pulsing :P. In some cases, I can see my heartbeat causing parts of my body to move. Was sitting at the keyboard the other day and I noticed my entire left arm moving about half an inch with every pulse. Is my heartbeat REALLY beating that hard or is that just a normal thing that you would normally never notice? It's just weird, because I've honestly never been an anxiety ridden person and I don't even feel anxious now, but this stuff is still happening. I guess it just takes a long time to subdue.

4. Fingers/toes moving side to side. Pretty sure this is just that muscle twitching, but it can be difficult to tell when a digit is moving.

5. My reflexes do feel weird. It's like I'm more jumpy than normal (this is probably 100% some anxiety crap). Instead of a normal reflex, I will react super quick to something almost like a complete spaz sometimes now.

Re: Tremors and Muscle Ratcheting

PostPosted: January 27th, 2015, 3:37 pm
by Xina535
Hi there. I am right in the middle of this type of stuff right now. My entire left arm is constant movement. I get shakiness, vibrations, twitches, heart pulse, sometimes burning and numb sensations, and constant fatigue/tired feeling of my arm. It's a few combinations of those things, every minute, all day and night. Worse at night. when I hold stuff in my hand, it's moving.

Questions - are you on any medication? If so, what and when did you start it? If not, have you stopped taking any meds recently?
are you experiencing any pain anywhere, currently?