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Twitching and EMG

PostPosted: January 18th, 2015, 3:03 am
by Jenna
I don't twitch 24/7 and have only really been twitching since December. The twitching is much more active at night and can be anywhere - legs, arms, feet, finger set. I recently had an EMG and NCV. Both were normal. I'm wondering, I have not been twitching that long, could the EMG have been done too early? My neuro clinical exam was normal. I guess I just keep worrying that weakness will come next as I've read about some people presented first with fasics before other symptoms eventually showed up.

And if twitching is secondary to A** and the disease is already in progress when twitching occurs, that would mean if i had a clean EMG say one month after twitching, that I am clear of A**?
Why then do we have to wait until the one year mark of twitching to consider the twitches benign if twitching is secondary to a**? Would a clean EMG within one year of twitching mean nothing? Did I misunderstand what I read about the one year thing?

Re: Twitching and EMG

PostPosted: January 18th, 2015, 8:42 pm
by Little Lost
Hi Jenna,

I am not meaning to be rude but I am confused as you spoke about your twitching and cramps in other posts on this forum way back in Oct. 2011, ( exact same time as mine), however now you say your twitching only started in Dec this year. I am not being cheeky, but am I missing something, perhaps they stopped and restarted recently, bringing new fear with them. It is hard.

Anyway your emg 3.5 years after onset of twitching is probably not done too soon. As for BFS there is no waiting time, that is only recommended if something of concern shows up on clinical or in the first emg as a follow up.


Re: Twitching and EMG

PostPosted: January 19th, 2015, 1:31 am
by Jenna
It's fine, you question is a legit one. In 2011 I had the rolling leg cramps. I've actually had cramps on and off for years with long periods back then without leg cramps. They are active for a period of time, then completely go away often for months and then come back. In 2011, I got scared about a** because of the cramps due to Dr Google. If I remember right, in 2011 I said I was having some minor leg twitches along with the cramps. Those twitches ended up being short lived and completely went away. The next time I had leg cramps, there were no twitches and I haven't had he twitches since then until around December 2014.

The twitches started recently after a bout of strange sensory symptoms I've never experienced. All this started in September 2014 with burning skin, crawling sensations, absurdly cold and would shake even though I could have 3 blankets on me (no fever), and various other sensory type stuff. So around December started having the twitching that made the 2011 minor twitches look like nothing (starting in butt cheeks). The twitching now is everywhere (legs, hands, feet, etc) but not 24/7. Acts up way more at night. Thats what led me to the recent EMG I had that was normal and was wondering if its too soon for an EMG even though I've read many places that twitching is a secondary symptom of a**. Just worried because I've never had twitching all over. Thought the EMG being normal would assure me but I'm so disappointed in myself that it hasn't. :?