Doing good for 8 new twitch has me worried

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Doing good for 8 new twitch has me worried

Postby mjd83 on December 23rd, 2014, 7:40 am

Hey all.

About to go on my 9th month since the whole twitching ordeal started in May. I won't rehash my story, as you can click my name and look it up. Needless to say I thought I had had every kind of twitch under the sun in that period..but as time went by my anxiety decreased and the twitching became almost unnoticeable at times.

That was until this morning. I have suddenly developed a noticeable, constant and relentless twitch on one square inch of skin about the middle of the front side of my thigh. This is why I'm concerned again:

1. Was doing so good with twitching and than this comes screaming out of nowhere.

2. I've never had this kind of twitch this constant and noticeable before. Standing here typing, it's firing off 2-3 times a second with only occasional pauses. Always close to the same square inch of skin.

3. I read somewhere that thigh twitching is more indicative of a neuro problem like ALS than the more common twitching below the knee. I'm especially worrued about the unusually constant and localized nature of this one.

4. Has anyone else experienced this...months with almost no twitching and then a relapse?

Thanks guys....this site has doNE wonders for my anxiety in the past.
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Re: Doing good for 8 new twitch has me worried

Postby Yuliasir on December 23rd, 2014, 10:37 am

if you have a story of widespread twitching, you may expect then twitching everywhere and it would not be indicative of anything sinister :)
our huge mistake is that we often tend to analyse our twitching as isolated events, while they are not. Thye are part of bodywide and system-wide process :) We also tend to think about twithces as the isolated sign of MND while they only mean your nerves are hyperexcited. Chances of benign nature of that hyperexcitation are much higher than for otherwise outcome ;)))

almost every person here has a story or remission and relapses. Except a few who have PNH - they do not have remissions.
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Re: Doing good for 8 new twitch has me worried



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