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HIV and twitching

PostPosted: November 30th, 2014, 7:20 pm
by reanne2489
Hi all,

I wanted to know your thoughts, understanding of this...I have read that being HIV+ can cause a kind of neuropathy that can cause twitching/ spasms. I had unprotected sex with a long term casual partner from a country where HIV is on the rise. Although he is a from a diplomatic family and spent most of his time outside of India, there is always the anxiety that he may have been exposed to the virus. He has, however, lived in Singapore, which I know you cannot get a visa for if you are HIV+ and likewise with now working in China, all foreign experts have to have a health check. However, being well connected can mean getting around those restrictions.

I have been tested both 3 weeks after exposure, 5 months and 7 months after exposure. My twitching began at 8 months after unprotected sex. Do you think that even with the twitching symptom that sometimes occurs in HIV sufferers, that it would show this early on to contracting the virus? Or would it be more symptomatic later?

I shall be getting a full screening at the doctor this week, but in the meantime I just wanted feedback on anyone's knowledge of how common a symptom twitching can be with HIV.


Re: HIV and twitching

PostPosted: November 30th, 2014, 7:24 pm
by LKP1231
I don't know anything about twitching being related but I'd doubt it would be an early symptom. You've been tested anyway. I think you're safe as far as that goes, I wouldn't give it any thought.

Re: HIV and twitching

PostPosted: December 1st, 2014, 2:27 am
by Yuliasir
On my point of view, there is no reason to explore any chances of having HIV-related neuropathy if you do not have HIV in your system.

3 tests in 6 months is a good profile to see if you are really negative.

But even if for any reason you would be HIV-positive, do not see any reason for virus-related neuropathy. According to all we know about HIV for now (I mean common knowledge and do not go deep into possible research), this virus LOWERS immune system activity and therefore there is no chances it causes overactive reaction resulting in autoimmune neuropathy. HIV also does not affect neural tissue, it is a cpeficic parazite of white blood cells). Most probably HIV-related neuropaties are due to the fact that most of HIV+ people are either drug addicts with malnourishing and malabsorption issues caused by their lifestyle or are people liveing in Africa etc., where unfortuanately malnourisdhing and starvation are even not a deliberately chosen lifestyle but severe reality. HIV itself causes only gradual deptetion of CD4 cells (part of our immune system), and after this level goes down too much, immunodeficite starts, leading to AIDS. Nothing of that seems to be on your desk as far as I understand - nor HIv, of course neither AIDS.

After that does not mean due to that. Having twithches started eight month after unprotected sex is rather an expected result of being nervous about such life than of having something sexually transmitted :) especially if the tests are negative.

Re: HIV and twitching

PostPosted: December 1st, 2014, 11:13 am
by RIno468
Wow -- that is quite a reach. Funny how when our mind grabs a hold of fear it just reaches out for anything to explain what's going on.

You're more likely to get HIV than ALS though -- so I guess that is progression ?

Aside from some unexplained issues that don't appear to be life threatening based on your posts and the results of your most recent tests --

I guess the question is -- which disease do you want to fake have ? HIV or ALS?