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Inner elbow twitch

PostPosted: October 15th, 2014, 8:50 am
by Jocruz
Hey everyone, I have been twitching pretty consistently now for about 2 years. My bfs started after an abscessed tooth and heavy antibiotics combined with quitting nicotine (on/off of it over and over and over again), changing jobs, changing girlfriends, and extended use of adderall. I'm pretty sure all of this combine caused my bfs. I started sitting at a desk all day. In this time I also started gaining weight. I was always a smaller guy, but started lifting weights. I've gained about 30 lbs in the time that I've been twitching (about 15 muscle/15 fat). I'm now 5' 9", 185 lbs. I can say that I honestly do have anxiety issues. My anxiety didn't devlop until later in life right after all of the events that I mentioned earlier. I was 22 when I started BFS, now I am 24 years old. Early 20s seems like a pretty common age for this condidtion. I first noticed my bfs, when I was playing an ios game on my phone and my hands wouldn't quit shaking. Tremors... Then came the knockers, and the thumpers, and the buzzing, and the fascics. Now I twitch a lot. I work out when I can, my diet is bad, and I'm about 20 lbs overweight. My thumbs twitch and are always sore, I have a tremor on my right hand (index finger) when using it (like the scroll bar on a mouse), a twitch in my right inner elbow (especially when bent for the last 3 months), twitches ALL OVER ALL DAY I wake up in the morning with numb limbs, my mouth feels fat and tingley 24/7, sensitive eyes, I feel like I have trouble pronouncing certain words even though I really don't, my eyes water constantly, my libido is down, not to mention I have ibs like something awful. I've been through the whole als/ms scare and I just don't think thats what I have anymore. My symptoms are too widespread. What I do want to know is how to fix all of this *beep*. I HATE IT. Can anyone help me. I think that this is all stress/anxiety induced but also believe that it could be due to being out of shape/poor diet