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Years of Body-Wide Twitching - Thoughts?

PostPosted: October 9th, 2014, 12:25 pm
by addison1981
Thanks in advance for the support and clarity!

I've had body-wide muscle twitches (slight but noticeable from the skin) for the past three years or so. Comes and goes, from the arms to the legs, from the left toe to the left hand ... tiny twitches here and there, everywhere; lasts a few seconds and stops ... few days of the same pattern and stops. Rotates areas.

I'm 33, male. Twitching seemed to start after a really bad flu/chest virus. I got a flu shot after taking a Z pack, and then started noticing the twitches a week or so later. I still weightlift and play basketball. Muscles shake when I squat slowly, but nothing when I play sports/hit the gym. Almost all twitching occurs when I'm at rest. I have OCD with strong emphasis on obsessions. Started with one forearm twitch, went to Google, then I had it everywhere because of my obsessions/fears. Funny how that works!

Does this sound like BFS, exacerbated by stress (tons at work) and a poor diet/sleeping habits? I noticed stopping caffiene for good eliminated twitching significantly. Went to the doctor, did a physical, said it was BFS. Still worried three years after it started. Still big and strong, and actually gained weight. No EMG yet. No weakness. No atrophy. Nothing but tiny twitches all around. Thoughts?

I'm not really worried about the BIG fear because I've learned so much about what that looks like/how that starts. I'm more worried about Parkinson's or MS. How are those presented early on, and should I be worried? I thinks three years of just twitching and nothing else is a good sign it's nothing really bad, yeah?



Re: Years of Body-Wide Twitching - Thoughts?

PostPosted: October 9th, 2014, 12:45 pm
by TwitchyDoc
Hi, it is great to have another twitching veteran here!

It is a common confusion but neither MS nor Parkinson's produce fasciculations. Typically in MS, there are myoclonic jerks, but not fasciculations. Unfortunately, many people use terms "twitching" and fasciculations interchangeably. But in the aforementioned diseases, twitching does not refer to fasciculation but to either limb or whole-muscle twitches/jerks, not to twitching of individual muscle bundles, i.e. fasciculations. While occassionally some fasciculations might appear in these diseases, it is often related to medication or it is myokymia.

Hence, I think you can relax and enjoy you get over this!

Re: Years of Body-Wide Twitching - Thoughts?

PostPosted: October 10th, 2014, 10:20 am
by RGB
I've previously answered people's concerns by pointing just how many 'boxes they tick' for a typical BFS profile. Well, I think you have won the prize for ticking the most number of boxes (age, developed after virus, worsened following internet research, worsened by caffeine, worsened by stress, doctor unconcerned, OCD, poor sleep, etc etc).

If the world was fair you would win a t-shirt for this :)