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Do you get this...

PostPosted: October 5th, 2014, 6:07 am
by reanne2489
Hey again...

I'm always full of questions...

So naturally when we all suspect ALS we start doing the strength tests etc- hopping on our toes, holding stances on our tip toes, walking on heels etc.

Do any of find this causes you twithy limbs to become more painful?

Like I said, it is all located in my left calf and my left thigh to a degree- but after doing these tests a few times, i have sore heels and arches when walking and my leg muscles are sore to the touch. Of course I have the strained knee which may have been from starting some running again on my treadmill...but not sure if that or weakening as this is also the smaller leg in terms of measurements.

I just wondered if these strength tests can cause injury/pain to twitching limbs and if that it to be expected with BFS?

ALSO- do you guys ever experience shaking/ wobbly/ rubbery legs for no reason with your twitching in your legs?


Re: Do you get this...

PostPosted: October 5th, 2014, 7:24 am
by RobJ
My wife is 48. She has been working out constantly her entire life, kick boxing instructor at one time, blackbelt in karate. She is in incredible shape. I'm starting a masters program, haven't been able to help around the house as much. She stopped working out for 1 week. Went back yesterday, went for walk with her today and she's very soar.

I find that if I'm testing my strength by hoping around on one leg, I'll be sore, because i never hop around on one leg. I've said in other posts, it's a vicious cycle. You twitch, you read, you test your strength, this causes weakness feeling in your leg. There is some confusion on weakness and preceived weakness. I just wish it was called weakness and clinical weakness, not preceived weakness and weakness, it confuses everyone.

I can assure you, I've been through this all. Even after 20 plus years, I'm still waiting for weakness, oops clinical weakness....I've thought for sure my right leg was weak, then it went away, my fingers weren't working like they should, then it went away.........lately I'm favoring my left hand to opening things....never used to do this, so I thought, I'm right handed...then I watched an old video years ago, I was in the background trying to open a jar, couldn't do it with my right hand....switched to left to open it.

Be concerned when the leg doesn't move. Other than that enjoy your life!