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Hi all...ALS Fears

PostPosted: September 30th, 2014, 8:31 am
by Blade1409
Hi all,

I'm new here, so go easy on me please. This might take a while to explain.

A few months back (June) I scuffed the toes of my right foot on the ground, and for the next few weeks I found myself doing it at least once a day. I was initially terrified at the thought of MS (my father passed away from complications of the disease in 2008). I went for a consultation with a neurologist who scheduled me an MRI (which I went for a few weeks ago and am awaiting results of)

The day of the consultation with my neurologist however I happened to stumble across the symptoms of ALS and it struck the fear of God into me. Since then my right foot has felt weak (although the scuffing has stopped-perhaps I'm walking differently?). I went for a private EMG at the end of August which came back completely clear, and then went on holiday for 2 weeks. Upon my return I began to experience sporadic twiching all over, which initially did not bother me, however when I looked at my right foot, I could see twitching but not feel it. I immediately emailed the Dr who had performed the EMG on me initially whoch told me to go back and see him. I went for this second EMG yesterday, and 2 fasciculations were found in the muscle of my right foot (but nothing else from what he told me)

I've spent the last few months worrying myself sick over the thought of ALS, and I've been driving myself and my wife crazy. The fear I have is that these fasciculations will continue and when I go back to see the Dr in 6 months (as he suggested), they'll still be there, along with signs of denervation.

I'm so scared I'm finding it hard to eat, work and sleep. Any advice or reassurance welcome.

Thanks so much guys, I feel this might not be the last time you hear from me in the next few months.

Re: Hi all...ALS Fears

PostPosted: September 30th, 2014, 8:33 am
by Blade1409
Are fasciculations even normal in an EMG?

Re: Hi all...ALS Fears

PostPosted: September 30th, 2014, 8:44 am
by Yuliasir
I think you can have reassurance from the fact that since June you have no signs of something bad happening with your foot. Fasciculations on EMG are minor deviations and could be expected, especially in the legs. If your EMG report does not state anything like "signs of upper/lower motor neurons damage", then you really may relax and take some actions in order to decrease the damage which 4 monthd of fears did to your body and mind.

Should you have ALS, in 4 months it most probably would give you minimum clear signs on EMG (not fasciculations but sporadic activity, fibrillations, elongated MUPs, specific waves, etc. etc. etc., doctors know better) and maximum a footdrop which no one could miss.