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Tongue Twitching you can't feel

PostPosted: September 22nd, 2014, 10:57 pm
by d4twitch
So I've had widespread twitching since May of this year (had some initial twitches starting in April in specific parts of the body that subsided) and just recently noticed I had tongue twitching which I can't feel at all. I haven't gone to the Neuro yet, but plan to set up an appointment soon just to get it done with and off my mind finally.

Some of my personal symptoms: I noticed my tongue has scalloped a bit, but I've been a teeth grinder most of my life :P. I began choking a bit more on food/liquid and have been choking on saliva often, though I'm trying to chalk this stuff up to the fact that I googled twitching symptoms months ago after I started twitching :P. My main other symptoms are that my fingers are pretty much constantly hurting throughout the day and incredibly tight feeling for 2 months now. Also, my muscles in general feel very tired after exercising now or using them. Also, my muscles don't work smoothly when I de-flex them anymore. For instance, if I flex my bicep and then release it the flex'd muscle quivers uncontrollably until it is normal again. Another example is if lift my heel off the ground and return it to the ground, when returning to the ground it the muscle quivers as it goes back down. My neck muscles do the same thing if i flex my jaw in any way. It's like the muscle spasms for a second until it can control itself again. Not really sure what that is called.

I did end up going to a GP and was found to be very vitamin D deficient (was 18), but he didn't suggest sending me to a neuro or anything. I'm 26 years old.

I was mainly just curious if anyone else has tongue twitches constantly they can't feel and if that is pretty common with BFSers? I do consider it to be a possibility that I just don't have the capability of keeping my tongue completely still since the tongue is such a complex muscle :P. But my tongue does jerk and twitch constantly even at 'rest'.

Re: Tongue Twitching you can't feels

PostPosted: September 23rd, 2014, 9:13 am
by Neville86

First of all, we are the same age, so let me be the one to welcome you. I've had a spot twitching on my tongue for over two months now (you can see the video I posted on one of my earlier threads) and I've since then developed other, more random twitching. Most of these I can't feel. I had one in the tip for a week that felt like an eye twitch, and I get this one in the center that feels like a buzzing sensation, other than that the constant one and the other ones I can't feel.

From what I've been told the important thing is whether or not it twitches at rest. This hasn't sunk in with me yet, as I have a huge anxiety component to all of this, but from what I've been told--even the really conservative neuros say this--tongue twitching while extended means nothing. I remember before this hell, noticing a spot under my tongue that twitched when I put my tongue over my top lip. I thought nothing of it then because I wasn't anxious.

Mine only seems to twitch when extended. The twitch intensifies with extension--the more I stick it out the more it twitters (halfway is the worst). When at rest in mouth it's quiet from what I can tell (although I have seen the occassional twitch but who knows what the heck I was looking at).

We have a neuro on the forum and he made a really good point the other day. He said: it's hard for the layman to diagnose tongue twitches, and unless you're having other signs--slurred speech, swallowing issues--there's really no need to care.

My two cents: from what I can tell there are a few different tongue twitchers: 1) those who have it in proportion to their BFS, ie: twitch a lot everywhere and of course twitch on tongue 2) those who develop bfs and find out tongue twitch is ominous and check and self test and check until low and behold they have a tongue twitch and c) those who develop tongue twitching first and it spreads from there.

For me I think, at least my newer twitches have come about after the self testing. Heck maybe even the constant one too. It started after weeks of checking my throat and tongue with a flashlight as well as biting down on my tongue to check it's size (don't ask: I'm crazy)

Re: Tongue Twitching you can't feel

PostPosted: September 23rd, 2014, 12:28 pm
by emmie.s
d4twitch wrote:I do consider it to be a possibility that I just don't have the capability of keeping my tongue completely still since the tongue is such a complex muscle . But my tongue does jerk and twitch constantly even at 'rest'.

I have a feeling that this is what is happening with you...Several years ago I thought my tongue was constantly twitching because no matter what I couldn't keep it from quivering and moving. I showed my then-neuro who said that it was impossible to really keep the tongue still, I honestly forget for what reason. If you take a look at a family member or a friend's tongue you will see what I mean, and chances are they will have indentations too from their teeth. Every few months we get this question, and someone more knowledgeable than me always explains the reason why, so maybe if you search the archives you'll get more reassurance.
I might add that even if you do have real tongue twitches, then that's nothing you should worry about either. Sometimes I get "real" tongue twitches too, its all part of BFS.

Re: Tongue Twitching you can't feel

PostPosted: September 25th, 2014, 8:51 pm
by d4twitch
Thanks for the responses.

I think what kind of freaks me out the most is that my tongue actually quivers around the edges at pretty much all times and I can't feel any of this movement. I can't tell if it is tongue fibrillations or just my tongue...quivering. It is like very, very tiny muscle movements all around the tongue, though they are actually less noticeable if I extend my tongue out. They are far more visible if I attempt to rest my tongue.

Re: Tongue Twitching you can't feel

PostPosted: September 26th, 2014, 5:29 am
by kitras219
Do you talk about teeth marks on sides?