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New, please.

Postby maxtorr on September 18th, 2014, 12:53 am

so, about a month ago i had two very stressful nights at work followed by a very bad argument with my girlfriend.

on the first night, i went home after work, and i was really wired due to the stress. i felt as if i could not relax enough to go to bed. Once in bed, i had a weird restless feeling in arms and legs. the only thing that seemed to keep the restlessness away was to move my hands and feet. then i started twitching. first in my left tricep and left forearm.
on the second night, everything was about the same, if not worse. and the twitching began to happen in other areas of my body.

it has been about a month now, and things are calming down, sort of. but i fear the worst.
Every day i have something reminding me that things are not the way they were.

These are my symptoms:
-twitching, now it happen way less, and with varying degrees of intensity and duration
-weakness, or perceived weakness
-weird sleeping patterns
-uncoordinated movements, especially on my left side
-blurred vision in my left eye, comes and goes
-funny sensation in my arms and legs, as if my muscles were being touched by a feather
-internal tremors, and sometimes visible
-buzzing feeling in my limbs
-brisk reflexes at times
-lump throat
-hard to swallow and talk correctly

most of these symptoms come and go.

i'm sure i am forgetting a few things, but these are the main culprits.
please tell me if you experience any of these.

by the way, i do not get pain or burning.... though my toes in my left foot fell asleep.
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New, please.



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