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Postby RIno468 on September 13th, 2014, 3:29 pm

Hello everyone!

I've been on your forum after "graduating" from trolling the ALS forum.

my quick (hopefully) story on how I came to be here...

I have high anxiety about my health usually, the last two years it has been building steadily, I am finally seeing someone about that now.

I am 38 years old and an active person (I do martial arts, run, lift weights, etc).

I had a tonselliectomy in June which stopped me from all hard physical activity until late august. The recovery was a couple of weeks but when you get lazy....

During that time I had noticed my right leg feeling a little soft (smaller), I didnt think anything of it but it nagged at me. Logically me not working out for 2 months would lead to some muscle shrinkage, but my mind doesnt work that way --- went straight to ALS. After a week or two dismissed it. Then the Ice Bucket Challenge came and brought ALS back to light and therefore my anxiety about it.

So I started working out again (especially squats) and squat heavy 3x a week and upping the weight almost everytime to prove that I can do it (Its getting to a point where I probably will hurt myself because ive ever squatted this much in my life, but again getting help for that)

Looked up symptoms and noticed twitching was one of them and then lo and behold a day later -- twitches all over my legs. Obviously I panicked and was convinced (sometimes still am) that I have ALS or MS or something crazy.

Logically I know -- because i was sedinatary for so long, and then I just kicked up a workout program and progressively am overloading myself, that muscle twitches should be expected.

However I tend to get them more the next day after working out - some the day of, but seems to be more active the next day -- under feet, back of calf, middle thigh, sometimes my arms, and thumbs...

Anyone physically active get twitches the NEXT day ?

Thats probably my only real concern at this point. I usually go back and forth between I have BFS, ALS, and sometimes Bulbar onset ALS (ever since i had a tonsilectomy my uvula is lower and there is scar tissue so my voice is a little nasally and i have to swallow more. Logically I know its because of the surgery but my mind went to bulbar onset ALS.

Im going through the motions of strength testing (as stated) looking at all parts of my body to see if they are symmetrical (they arent) looking and sometimes thinking I am seeing atrophy, doing strength tests, and watching my tongue all the time.

Its all very maddening. I went to my dr about the twitches, but she wasnt concerned. Did not even want to give me a referral for a neuro (My doctor knows my hypochindria).

She said since i noticed the twitches after I read the symptoms she is confident that the twitches are related to anxiety, working out, stress, etc....

Reading the ALS forum drove me into a mad despair... so I am trying to be on here more, because everyones symptoms here more match mine and it calms me down a little.

My twitches are more like 1-3 thumps -- disappear for a time, and then come back -- different spots, sometimes same spots. I find myself trying to feel my body for fine twitches, then i cant ever tell if its my pulse I can feel through my fingers or a fine twitch, then a real twitch comes...

So maddening. Thanks for listening all.
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