Hey Guys, long time no talk!! One question about neck

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Hey Guys, long time no talk!! One question about neck

Postby InvisibleTwitches on July 18th, 2014, 7:00 pm

Hey friends, it has been a while!

I believe my last post was in March, so having made it this far without running to the knowledgable and kind people of AboutBFS -- people who truly helped me through some very dark times -- is a huge step in the right direction.

So, what, three years into this thing and this past year has easily been the best. I am convincing myself more and more that I have BFS and that all of these crazy symptoms aren't just a slow build up to something sinister. I still get random twitches, everywhere. I still get hot spots. I still have joint pain, random zaps, random sensory issues, sometimes my legs lock up, etc. Yet through all of this I can still lift weights, I can still go on runs, I can still play basketball, travel, etc. Over time I have almost accepted the fact that I just have this weird BFS thing, despite my minds best efforts to convince me otherwise.

My ONLY main issue over the past few months, an issue I have posted on before and an issue I have been trying to deal with without crying wolf, is this very very very unusual neck pain/neck sensory issue. It goes as follows: throughout the day, my neck will make the sound as if a hose is running through it. If I stretch or bend my neck in a certain way, zap zap! If I got to my chiropractor and he works a certain muscle, the hose noise intensifies. When I wake up in the morning, it is there, almost always. I've been worried about this and I have had this symptom for over a year now. I keep thinking that perhaps it is related to when I was in a minor rear-end car accident in 2010, but then again, I am not sure. I keep thinking that maybe, just maybe, it is slowly affecting my brain, my neurological functioning, and that maybe it is the start of something bad. I sometimes think, well, what if it is a pinched nerve, what if this pinched nerve in my neck, so close to my brain, is causing long term damage, what if this is what cause *** ! :x :oops: :cry:

That is currently where I am at. Three years, or wait, four years into this thing. I battle with that and other thoughts, but that is my main concern and I was wondering if anyone has any idea what is going on with me. If this is cause for concern. If I should seek the proper channels, neruos, another EMG, etc.!

I also just wanted to say thank you to all of the great people who have helped me here over the years. I once vowed to come back and help one day, and I think I am almost there.

Thank You all so very much.
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Hey Guys, long time no talk!! One question about neck



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