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Question about the FAQ, + 1 other Symptom.

PostPosted: June 5th, 2014, 2:29 pm
by Mercfh
On the FAQ:
"A simple clinical rule is that fasciculations in relaxed muscle are never indicative or motor system disease unless there is an associated weakness, atrophy, or reflex change."

So does this mean, if I have spasms when my muscle is relaxed (Which I do), and Im not having some sort of weakness/atrophy. then it probably IS BFS and IS NOT a Disease such as ALS/MS.

Also....those with BFS, are you guys/gals super susceptible to Charley Horses's? If I stretch my legs out in the morning, I find my Calves cramp very easy into a Charley Horse if I kinda "stretch out" first thing in the morning, along with the usual Hands/Feet getting numb very easily (With the slight pressure it seems they go numb).

I've been to the neuro like 2 years ago, MRI came back clean then, and 2 years before that (For sudden migraines).

I presume these all seem like normal symptoms? (I guess the "easy numbness" scares me the most, but once I relieve any pressure it usually goes away).