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Question about passage of time that I can't find answer to

PostPosted: June 4th, 2014, 5:24 pm
by cboxer1
My question is simple but I'm having a hard time finding any answers and I'm looking for some reassurance. My question is.... If I've been twitching for almost a year and a half with no clinical weakness, is that enough time to rule out [email protected]? To put it another way, if I did have [email protected], would I be definately showing undeniable signs by now after twitching for almost a year and a half? I've been to the neuro, had a clean EMG when I was 3 months in, and had a normal exam. I'm also 35 so I have age on my side as well. I know given all the other things I've just listed I should be confident that I'm ok. I just want to know about the speed of progression for [email protected] and if I have enough time on my side by now. Thanks in advance.