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Re: BFS on face

Postby readytocheckout on July 12th, 2014, 9:06 am

Just wondering if anyone can suggest what might be going on with me. You can see in my post above where I mentioned about my drooping eyebrows.

When I last saw my neuro, I think that was about 5 weeks ago, I mentioned to him that I had this very heavy feeling over my eyes and in my forehead, a really strange sensation. So he got me to tightly close my eyes then while closed he tried to push my eyebrows up and said that everything was ok. At that stage I didn't know that my eyebrows were dropping when I close my eyes, or maybe they weren't and this is only something recent. I have such a heavy feeling over my eyes and the brows are almost resting on my eyelids. Freaking out here that something is happening to my face muscles. I have a lot of twitching and some itching sensations on my face and forehead. My twitching all over is so much more intense than say 3 months ago, is this normal to be getting worse like this?

I'm also getting forearm fatigue just from typing and trying to swipe my phone screen. Just to recap, about 5 weeks ago I had an EMG of my tongue and arms, and NCV tests as well which showed mild carpal tunnel in the right arm/hand but no NCV test was done of my left arm. Can't stop worrying about all this changing. I'm even having a drama with my right foot and I just don't understand why so much is changing while I'm twitching like this.

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