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Nervous again - massage aggravating twitching?

PostPosted: April 7th, 2014, 11:09 am
by Xina535
Hi All, so part of healing my left leg pain is going to physiotherapy. Today, the physiotherapist gently, and I mean very gently and not for a long time, massaged my painful thigh. Since then, it has been twitching non-stop, just in this one spot on my left thigh. It is making me nervous. Usually, it would twitch there a little and then the twitch would migrate then come back. I do have some twitches in the rest of my body that are coming and going, but it has not stopped in my thigh at all. It is also a fine twitch, barely visible. In between twitches, the area is very buzzy, like getting ramped up for the next twitch.

I am scared that there is renervation (sp)? or something bad is going on in there.

I searched on this forum that someone started twitching after they went in for a massage and then twitching started in one local spot and then spread, but I have not read anywhere if a massage increased or aggravated anyone's twitching. Has this happened to anyone? Is this normal? Note - last blood labs = all vitamins/magnesium were normal.

I HOPE it is twitching out of control like this because I HOPEFULLY have compressed nerves in my lumbar spine (to be determined this Wed.), and the massage and other therapy I received today (moving my hips in certain ways) somehow loosened something up and that is why the twitch is aggravated.

I've been twitching since July last year and all over, and have definitely gotten accostomed to it, but this one in my thigh today is driving me absolutely CRAZY!