Is there pain with foot drop?

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Is there pain with foot drop?

Postby Scaredlin on March 23rd, 2014, 1:00 pm

Hi. I am having pain in my 2nd toe and under the ball of my foot when I walk or stand. It doesn't prevent me from standing on my toes or walking on heels but does hurt when I go up on my toes. Also on that foot and the other foot, I am having vague ankle pains/twinges, and all over achiness and light cramping in the toes. I am also noticing that my 2nd and 3rd toes are sort of separating and the 2nd toe is leaning toward the big toe. I also an uncomfortable in shoes- feet feel swollen and tight.

a) Would foot drop come on both feet at one time?

b) Would there be a development phase of foot drop?

c) Would there be pain preceding the foot drop?

I just got back from vacation and was able to run without issue and jumped the stairs of the cruise ship for exercise one day.

Sounds enviable but it wasn't. Sadly this was on my mind a lot of the time but not having internet access was actually a GOOD thing. Perhaps just walking too much in flip flops or too much stair jumping? I notice that days after my workouts I am in worse shape. Anyone else?

Maybe this is a neuropathy? I feel like something is hurting my feet/changing their shape.
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Re: Is there pain with foot drop?

Postby Yuliasir on March 23rd, 2014, 1:21 pm

NO for all questions.
Foot drop is nothing about pain. It is inablity to hold your foot parallel to the ground.

most probably you bought a badpair of shoes. Jummping the stairs is a very bad idea too. people with BFS used to have extremely sensitive joints, and such 'excersise' is damaging even for healthy people...
I had seweral weeks of pain under my big toe on one foot this winter, and it was a real hell. It was a swollen painful location under it. clicking and giving me quite a sharp pain - after I walked about 1000 m in new, pretty nice shoes.
It is gone now.
i also have transient pains in the ankle, sometimes very sharp.

and no foot drop.

as for your fingers are leaning to the big toe - it REALLY means your shoes are not good for you.
Your feet might also n\e swollen by themselves - as the result of uncomfortable shoes, tight clothes preventing circulation, etc.

go to podiatrist, if possible, or consider to chage the type of shoes you currently wear.
anti inflammation creme may be helpful.
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Re: Is there pain with foot drop?

Postby Gamindsoc1509 on March 27th, 2014, 2:55 pm

Figured I can contribute here. I have 24/7 twitching throughout my feet, so my focus is on this area. I have been twitching for 6 months now.

I went through a 2 month period of 'feeling my toes.' What I mean by that is, I would just sit there and feel specific toes depending on what I was doing all day. I assumed this was because they were moving / changing/ tensing or something. That dissapeared. My big toe on my right foot hangs below the other toes (by like a full cm). Seems strong though so I try not to worry. I dont know if it was like that before bfs.

My left big toe pulls downwards if the twitching is severe in any way. So this includes whenever I excercise.

Not to mention, these are the only parts of my body that cramp as they twitch 24/7.

Hope that helps.
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Re: Is there pain with foot drop?



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