EMG and Exercise

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EMG and Exercise

Postby Paul Craig on November 2nd, 2002, 9:56 am


Two questions that keep turning over in my mind. Based on what you all have heard:

Can the EMG tests specifically rule out ALS or MS? Or are there other tests that need to be performed to rule out ALS and other nasty diseases?

I experience exercise intolerance, like most of us do, but still continue to do some exercising. Is it recommended that we exercise? I would guess so since if you're able to build strength this is supposed to be an indicator
that you have BFS and not ALS or MS.

Paul Craig
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Postby Arron on November 2nd, 2002, 2:46 pm

Paul, no.. you don't "need" to exercise to rule out ALS or anything. All of the "nasties" are ruled-out by a doctor, a clinical exam, blood tests, EMG, MRI, Lumbar Puncture and so on. It can be any one, some or all of these tests. That is up to the doctor and your symptoms to decide how many and what kind of tests you actually need. If exercise hurts you or makes you feel badly, DON'T do it! Come on now, you are trying to live a nice happy life. One filled with pain, aches and such brought-on by exercising because you "heard" someone say that it helped their twitches or that it guaranteed that you don't have ALS if you can build new muscle. That isn't living and medically it is what doctors would call rubbish. NOTHING is going to make your twitches and symptoms go away until they run their course and start to calm down on their own, and they WILL eventually. You can try all of the magic potions you want, copper, herpes meds, magnesioum, star dust, cosmic rays, multi vitamins, exercise and so on, but if your body (or whatever IS the cause of this stuff) isn't ready, it won't respond. Everyone is different and obviously stress and anxiety play a roll in it and if you can control some of that, your symptoms will start to subside a little WITHOUT any miracle meds or substances. Hang in there, you are NOT alone and we ALL have the same things as you. You can't read just one post about BFS or exercise and take it that it will work for YOU. It may for some people and it certainly won't for other's. personally, I hate exercise and it makes me feel like crap after I even try. I don't need to go through life feeling like crap, so I choose not to exercise. If it actually helps you, then by all means, do it. But it is NOT a single answer to anything related to BFS or it's cure. Hope that helped. :-)
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