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Longtime scared!

PostPosted: August 30th, 2013, 7:44 pm
Hello ...I was officially diagnosed with BFS about 14 years ago now...twitching started in knee and then after few weeks I looked up twitching and came up with the usual! Then the panic then the GP visits then twitching all over - was obsessed and took over my life for about a year... after visit and check by neuro I gradually accepted what he said and over the years came to just accept that I was a twitcher ...and over time I began to think about other things and it faded away....but I always twitched in random areas but did not have the same panic. But....everything has come back with a vengeance ! Last week whilst looking in one of the those horrible make up magnifier mirrors I noticed my cheek twitching ...didn't think much but checked it few hours later and it was still twitching... fine regular twitch bit like a pulse....went to bed with bad feeling..woke up ...still there ...panic...went to gp...she said oh that is just a twitch or a tic. don't worry....Well I did.. and it is always there. ....sort of starts by side of the right side of my lip and goes up towards my cheek.. sometimes I can feel it and I can't always see it unless in the right light .occasionally I think it has gone then I catch it again....and there it goes...twitch twitch unrelenting! Well went back to the gp few days later...different one and she just said why are you back again... its just a twitch! Well have they have looked up what twitches can mean! So I come away feeling completely awful and in no way reassured. twitching in my thumb..wrist...legs...lips...everywhere! But this cheek twitching has got me worried to be honest.... I have never I don't think had a twitch that just twitched every second for days and days and days.. keep looking stuff up and scaring myself. I thought I had beat this thing but.....this twitch has got to be the worst! I'm now a week in to this constant every second this still BFS or something more sinister....any words of wisdom gratefully received