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Still A Mess =(

PostPosted: July 16th, 2013, 12:52 am
by HeavyMetalHead7
Its been a month and i still have the same *beep* twitching in my left calf it seems to twitch constantly. In one spot then pop here and there around the calf very rarely will i feel any of these. I do have occasional pops all over my body every where imaginable that are rapid then stop i feel those. I know ive gotten answers before but my calf has this one spot that just keeps going and everywhere i read a localized twitch is ALS =( im a mess and put on at least 10 pounds i was a High School QB before all of this now im a college dropout and a mess. I mean do what i have even be considered Widespread Twitching those twitches are random and only happen about 15 times a day. These Twitches in my calf don't stop for a second and its even worse its one *beep* spot =(. I Will Honestly just keep repeating my self if i keep going at 18 this has been the worst experience of my entire life by farrrrrrrrrrrr! =( and i got tackled once and seperated my shoulder i would take that 600000000000000000 times again and again just to make the fasciculations stop its sucks thinking you cant look ahead in life cause of ALS i literally think im waiting for my death bed.