if anyone is interested in fibromyalgia.

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if anyone is interested in fibromyalgia.

Postby Brian_B on October 31st, 2002, 11:49 pm

my aunt has it and she has a lot of info on it, web sites, message boards, chat board ect. if anyone is interested?
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Postby kayce on November 1st, 2002, 6:21 pm

I would like to know more about fibro, I read somewhere on this web cite that some doctors think fibro and BFS are the same thing. Until recently I have never heard of firbro. or BFS. Funny how things can change overnight. :roll:
Does your aunt twitch like BFS

Postby michelle on November 1st, 2002, 8:02 pm

Hi Kayce.

I was just diagnosed with Fibro a couple weeks ago & I have been twitching widespread since June of this year. A lot of my other symptoms came around this time too. There is a book by Devin Starlynl (sp?) & there are a couple blurbs about twitching, along with MANY other symptoms, that go along with Fibro. Not to say that everyone that has BFS or twitches has Fibro. Fibromyalgia is a widespread pain syndrome, so w/o the pain you probably don't have it.

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Postby kayce on November 4th, 2002, 12:01 pm


I have pain, I have pain alot in my hands, arms, and just recently I am feeling severe pain in my back as if someone is stabbing me with a broom handle. The pain is very sharp but only last for a brief minute. However, my hands and arms seem to ache non stop, I can't get any relief from that. I don't want to take alot of medication, I would like to be able to think clearly. I do take 0.5mg of Klonipin at night time to help me sleep, without I would never sleep. I truly hate going to the doctor, but here lately it seems I am having a new symptom everyday. What are some of the symptoms of fibro.

Postby kayce on November 4th, 2002, 4:18 pm


I forgot to mention the pain I get just underneath my right side rib cage and when I breath in it makes it that much more intense. My husband thinks I go to sleep at night and dream up things that I can say hurts, but to tell you the truth I have had twitching and pain in places I never knew existed. :shock:

Postby michelle on November 5th, 2002, 9:14 pm

Hi Kayce.

Anymore, I hate going to the doctor too, but you should really see a rheumatologist if you suspect it. Mine didn't help much though, he basically said "you have Fibro, now go home & try not to be a patient". I declined any medication for the time being. Most of my pain is in my neck, back and shoulders. Sometimes I get burning/stabbing pains in my shoulders that are just terrible. Not sure if the twiching is related to the fibro or not, since I was diagnosed with both BFS & Fibro. Here's a list of Fibro symptoms:
Childhood growing pains: [early TrPs]
"Traveling" nocturnal sinus stuffiness [pterygoid, sternocleidomastoid, posterior digastric]
Allergies: (FMS)
Post nasal drip: (FMS), [pterygoid, sternocleidomastoid]
Drooling in sleep: [internal medial pterygoid]
Swollen glands: [digastric]
Difficulty swallowing: [digastric, pterygoid]
Dry cough: [lower end sternal sternocleidomastoid]
TMJ symptoms: [masseter, trapezius, temporalis, pterygoid]
Dizziness when turning head or changing field of view: [sternocleidomastoid], (H),
Runny nose: (FMS), [sternocleidomastoid, pterygoid]
Sore throat: [sternocleidomastoid, digastric, pterygoid]
Stiff neck: [levator scapulae]
Mold/yeast sensitivity: (FMS), (H)
Reflux esophagitis: [external oblique], (H)
Headaches/migraines: (FMS), [trapezius, sternocleidomastoid, temporalis, splenii, suboccipital, semispinalis capitis, frontalis, zygomaticus major, cutaneous facial, posterior cervical], (H)
Light and/or broken sleep pattern with unrefreshing sleep: (FMS)
Sweats: (FMS), (H)
Morning stiffness: (FMS), [multiple TrPs]
Fatigue: (FMS), [multiple TrPs], (H)
Shortness of breath: (FMS) [serratus anterior, diaphragm, other respiratory muscles], (H)
Painful weak grip that may let go: [infraspinatus, scaleni, hand extensors, brachioradialis]
Menstrual problems and/or pelvic pain: (FMS), [coccygeus, levator ani, obturator internus, high adductor magnus, abdominal obliques]
Loss of libido: (FMS)
Low back pain: [quadratus lumborum, thoracolumbar paraspinals, longissimus, ilicostalis, multifidi, rectis abdominis]
Nail ridges and/or nails that curve under: (FMS)
Difficulty speaking known words: (FMS), (H)
Directional disorientation: (FMS), (H)
Visual perception problems: [sternocleidomastoid], (H)
Tearing/reddening of eye, drooping of eyelid: [upper sternal sternocleidomastoid]
Loss of ability to distinguish some shades of colors: (FMS)
Short-term memory impairment: (FMS), (H)
Weight gain/loss: (FMS), (H),
Sensitivity to odors: (FMS)
Mitral valve prolapse: (FMS)
Double/blurry/changing vision: [internal eye muscles, temporalis, sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, cutaneous facial, splenius cervicis]
Visual and audio effects/falling sensations before sleep (called "sleep starts"): (FMS)
Earaches/ringing/itch: (FMS), [SCM, masseter, pterygoid],
Unexplained toothaches: [temporalis, masseter, digastric]
Rapid/fluttery/irregular heartbeat/heart attack-like pain: (FMS), [sternalis, pectoralis], (H)
Bloating/nausea/abdominal cramps: (FMS), [ abdominals, multifidi, iliocostalis, paraxiphoid rectus abdominus, quadratus lumborum, upper thoracic paraspinals], (H) [Note: for excessive gas and belching, check for TrP at angle of 12th rib, either side.]
Appendicitis-like pains: [iliopsoas, rectus abdominis, piriformis, iliocostalis]
Carbohydrate/chocolate cravings: (FMS), (H)
Sensitivity to cold/heat/humidity/pressure changes/light/wind: (FMS)
Abdominal cramps, colic: [periumbilical rectus abdominus]
Panic attacks: (FMS), (H)
Mottled skin: (FMS)
Depression: (FMS), (H)
Confusional states: (FMS), (H)
Thumb pain and tingling numbness: [brachialis entrapment of radial nerve, adductor pollicus]
Urine retention: [upper public, inguinal ligament, lower internal oblique and lower rectus abdominus TrPs]
Tendency to cry easily: (FMS), (H)
Night driving difficulty: (FMS)
Weak ankles: [peroneus, tibialis]
Lax, pendulus abdomen: [abdominal TrPs, especially in rectus abdominus]
Upper/lower leg cramps: [sartorius, gastrocnemius]
Tight Achilles tendons: [tibialis posterior]
Groin pain: [adductores longus and brevis, iliopsoas]
Irritable bowel: (FMS), [pelvic TrPs, multifidi, high adductor magnus, abdominal obliques], (H)
Sciatica: [thoracolumbar paraspinals, gluteus minimus, hamstrings, piriformis, iliopsoas]
Urinary frequency: (FMS), [cutaneous and myofascial lower abdominal TrPs]
Impotence: (FMS), [piriformis pudendal nerve entrapment]
Stress incontinence, anal/genital/perineal pain: [pelvic floor TrPs, high adductor magnus, piriformis, paraspinals]
Painful intercourse: [vaginal TrPs, pelvic floor TrPs, piriformis]
Muscle twitching: (FMS), [local TrPs]
Numbness and tingling: [nerve entrapment by TrPs]
Diffuse swelling: (FMS), [vascular entrapment by TrPs]
Hypersensitive nipples/breast pain: [pectoralis]
Fibrocystic breasts: (FMS), [possible ductile entrapments by TrPs]
Buckling knee: [vastus medialis, quadriceps, adductor longus]
Problems climbing stairs: [sartorius, quadriceps femoris, vastus medialis]
Problems going down stairs: [popliteus]
Free-floating anxiety: (FMS), (H)
Mood swings: (FMS), (H)
Unaccountable irritability: (FMS), (H)
Trouble concentrating: (FMS), (H)
Shin splint-type pain: [peroneus, tibialis]
Heel pain: [soleus, quadratus plantae, abductor hallucis, tibialis posterior]
Sensory overload: (FMS), (H)
Handwriting difficulties: [adductor/opponens pollicis]
Sore spot on top of head: [splenius capitis, sternocleidomastoid]
Problems holding arms up (as when folding sheets): [subscapularis, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, upper trapezius, levator scapulae]
"Fugue"-type states (staring into space before brain can function): (FMS), (H)
Tight hamstrings: [hamstring complex, adductor magnus, quadriceps femoris, iliopsoas, gastrocnemius] numbness/tingling on the outer thigh (meralgia paresthetica): [quadriceps femoris, vastus lateralis, sartorius, tensor fascia latae entrapment]
Carpal tunnel-like pain in wrist (watchband area): [subscapularis]
Balance problems/staggering gait: [sternocleidomastoid, gluteus minimus], (H)
Restless leg syndrome: [gastrocnemius, soleus]
Myoclonus (muscle movements and jerks at night): (FMS), [local TrPs]
Feeling continued movement in car after stopping: [sternocleidomastoid]
Feeling tilted when cornering in car: [sternocleidomastoid]
First steps in the morning feel as if walking on nails: [long flexors of toes, tibialis posterior]
Pressure of eyeglasses or headbands is painful: [head, neck, and shoulder TrPs]
Thick secretions: (FMS)
Bruise/scar easily: (FMS)
Some stripes and checks cause dizziness: [sternocleidomastoid]
Bruxism (teeth grinding): (FMS), [digastric, masseter, soleus]
Inability to recognize familiar surroundings: (FMS), (H)
Delayed reactions to "overdoing it": (FMS)
Family clustering (other members of the family have FMS): (FMS)
Tissue overgrowth (fibroids, ingrown hairs, heavy and splitting cuticles, adhesions): (FMS)

I copied this list from http://www.sover.net/~devstar/phsympt.htm. Hope this helps. By the way, my hubby thinks I dream up things too. Men, at least some of them ;), just don't get it!!

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Postby Jen on November 5th, 2002, 10:50 pm

Wow! That is an incredible list. Thank you!
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Postby Jaybo on November 7th, 2002, 6:17 am

I recently posted a query as my wife has been (rather casually) diagnosed with BFS, and dismissed. She suffers from minor fascics, but extreme pain mainly in her legs, amongst some other fairly diverse symptoms. Aaron suggested I looked into Fibro and I was wondering where to get that info. Having just read the list I've identified a whole lot of her symptoms which concur with Fibro, and I'm sure there's others I'm missing.

Thanks loads on her behalf.

Where do we go from here though? Is this something that can be treated by our GP, or is this further neuro work?

Oh, and we men aren't all bad. :wink:
JayBo 8o)
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Postby Arron on November 7th, 2002, 10:36 am

Hey Jaybo, your wife might have BCFS, which is BFS with cramping and pain. Cramps don't always have to be the horrid "Charlie Horse" type, they can also be mild, hence the term "mild cramping" which is common with BCFS. I really don't like to steer people towards this site anymore because there are "some" people on there that are truly head cases BUT you might find some REAL good help and some REAL answers there. here is the link. Just copy it and past it to your browser. It is known at BrainTalk.com and it is the "neuromuscular" board. There are LOTS of BFS'ers, People with Fibro and many other "benign" conditions on there that can certainly help. Just watch-out for the idiots too, OK? Here's the link and I hope it helps.

Brain Talk communities;

http://neuro-mancer.mgh.harvard.edu/cgi ... &SUBMIT=Go
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Postby michelle on November 7th, 2002, 3:36 pm

Hi Jaybo. Nice of you to be doing some info. searching for your wife! My hubby wouldn't dare come to a message board. He thinks we're all stalkers and lunatics ;). Most of my pain is in my shoulders, back and neck, but Fibro is a widespread pain syndrome. If your wife suspects Fibro, have her see a rheumatologist. Neuro's don't usually recognize or treat Fibro. The rheumatologist can diagnose by a tender point exam and basically ruling out other diseases. I'm not currently receiving any treatment right now. My rheumie said to exercise & try to get the best quality sleep as possible. Our toddler sleeps with us in bed, so not much chance of that happening. Love being kicked in the head all night :lol: !
Good luck to you and your wife. Oh yes, about Braintalk, I've received some great information from that site as well, but as Aaron said, watch out for the idiots. There's a few that are just waiting for a fight.

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Postby Jen on November 7th, 2002, 8:09 pm

I've seen some books at the bookstore with titles referencing Fibro and exercise. I think one was even titled, "Exercising Your Way Through Fibromyalgia". One thing that I have noticed for myself is that if I sit too still for too long, I begin to cramp and tighten up, especially in my neck, shoulders and back. I have been told that is common with Fibro. Too much exercise, however, can wipe me out for days, which is common with BFS. I recently took up swimming and it has worked wonders for me. I don't overdo it, though. Just a few laps using swim fins. Sadly, my pool is now closed for 6 months. It's been only 1 week since it closed and I have already begun to twitch more, stiffen up, and have had a few headaches this week. I think exercise really does help with Fibro and BFS, but each of us has to find out what works best for us, and how much exercise we can tolerate. Some people swear by running or cycling, yet those sports are too much for others.
LOL on the toddler, Michelle :lol: . Been there, done that. The lack of sleep can be frustrating at times, but enjoy it. It goes by all too fast, and nothing is sweeter than sleepy baby-smiles first thing in the morning :D .
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Postby Arron on November 7th, 2002, 10:57 pm

Hey Michelle, keep in mind that not all people diagnosed with Fibro have those tender spots so commonly talked about. It used to be a sign to go by but I have been doing some reading and asking some of my doctor buddies about it and I am seeing more and more info that the tender spots are common, but not 100% nessessary for it to be Fibro. Probably like calf twitching is the most common place for a high percentage of BFS'ers, but there are also a percentage of people that almost never get calf twitches.. me included. See what I mean? Jaybo's wife could very well have Fibro AND BFS. That in itself isn't as uncommon as you'd think either... I have sen more and more people posting on these boards diagnosed with both by neuor's and Rhumy's. Hope all of you are feeling better. Don't let this stuff "get to you". It is BENIGN, BENIGN, BENIGN!!!
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