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Sharp pains in feet and hand

PostPosted: April 21st, 2013, 10:57 am
by PetrifiedGuy33
The last few night i have been having trouble sleeping, i am getting sharpo aches and pains in the soles of my feet, the pains come on and off, sharp aches for a few seconds, then stop, then the sharp pain again, it is difficult to sleep and has woken me up too, it is worse at nights... i also get occassional pains in finger, jaw etc but the feet is by far the worst.... i have twitched for many years but never really had such sustained sharp pains - could this be diabetic neuropathy creeping up on me? I am trying to shrug off this latest symptom but it is hard to ignore the pain, hard also to just chalk it down to bfs when i have twitched for so long without ever experiencing these kinds of pain - any idea what this might be?