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Weaker leg and less sensation?

PostPosted: April 6th, 2013, 8:23 am
by MBW
Hi everyone,

Just had another visit at my neuro.
Today when he did the test that he tries to push my leg down and I have to resist, I had a hard time with my right leg. I still resisted a bit but not as much as my left.
I'm right handed. Also when he poked me with the needles the sensation on my left was stronger than my right.
All he said was that it was interesting that my left leg was stronger. He still does not want me to get an MRI and my next EMG is in July and only then he'll give me a diagnosis of BFS or something else.
I've had all the BFS symptoms for a year but only started seeing a Neurologist in August. He said he needs a whole year of tests before he can diagnose me.

Is it normal to have one leg stronger than the other? And more/less sensations in one? That's the only part worrying me...