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Leg pain & Vitamin D Deficiency.

PostPosted: March 22nd, 2013, 4:45 am
by Andy_twitcher
Hi All.
It's about 5 months since I last posted on here.Since then I've seen a rheumatologist who ordered a load more blood tests, x-rays, an EMG & referred me onto Neurologist. x-rays came back ok, not had the EMG results yet & my blood tests only showed that I am "severely" deficient in Vitamin D. I've been taking Vitamin D supplements as prescribed for about 6 weeks now.
Anyway, my symptoms have persisted for around 9months now. The twitching is as bad as ever, especially in my left calf which just never seems to stop. I can't always feel them but if I look they are, like ripples under my skin. Also I have a constant ache behind my left knee. Feels like a real deep muscular pain. It's the first thing I feel when I wake up and then never goes away throughout the day. Also the left leg gets tired very quickly, even after just 5minutes of standing. Only a year ago I went on a walking holiday and walked 79 miles for fun with no ill effects. Now 1 mile leaves my left leg aching and tired. Along with this I have the usual pins & needles, burning sensations in different places, the odd sharp pain and a left foot that feels stiff all the time.
Saw the Neuro last week who was very good but concluded that this would prove to be "something or nothing". Unfortunately they did not have the EMG results to hand and thought they may have to repeat it. They did mention BFS (1st time anyone has) during the consultation but also said that BFS would not cause my other symptoms such as pain, burning etc.
Was wondering what anybody thought about this. Also could the Vit D deficiency be at the root of all my symptoms??
Still living in hope that this is something benign but it does freak me out at times.
Thanks for reading. :D