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burning scalp syndrome?? please read and help

PostPosted: January 29th, 2013, 11:48 am
by Scandinavian girl
Hi all,

The latest week I've had a crawling/burning area on the top of my head/scalp that is driving me is not so bad in the morning when I wake up, but gets worse and worse throughout the day and worse for each day. I now feel quite desperate..Should I go to the doctor?? He will not see anything, and I'm pretty sure he has no idea what this is, and probably it is related to all the other symptoms I have. But I've not read many posts here about this/similar, so is this new symptoms something that points away from BFS? When I googled, I found something called burning scalp syndrome...can I've got another syndrome?? I also see this in descpritions of Lyme, and I'm on antib. in case I have Lyme..(neg. official tests, positive tests, inkl CD57, sent from the private Norwegian Lyme clinic to a private clinic in Augsburg, don't know who to trust, but I try treatment to see...) I asked the doctor at the Lyme clinic wether this burning/crawling in my head could be part of a "Herxheimers reaction", but she thought not. Was not typical of Lyme either see wrote, even if it CAN happen, but then again, every symptom on earth is listed as possible Lyme symptoms..

I'm supposed to take a new MR of the head in three mounths to check for MS, because the neuro said it is possible I have that (clinical picture, pathological VEP (visual nerve inflammation) and a signal change on MR in aug. that was not there in april). I now wonder if I should call the neuro and tell him about this crawling/burning in my scalp and ask wheter to take the MR earlier than planned. Could it be a brain tumor???

Hope someone have advises to me! Have any of you had this, and how long did it last? I'm scared since it's getting worse and worse. This is absolutely my main problem now.