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What is normal difference between dominant vs nondominant

PostPosted: October 9th, 2012, 10:39 am
by jerry2
As my index in "atrophied" hand continues to twitch this days like a bag of worms and stops every now and then (this is exactly the scary type for us that do not have a negative nor a positive diagnosis of anything)...

Anyway... Everybody knows dominant hand is not the same as nondominant. But how can one test for OBJECTIVE weakness itself? I mean, turning the key and opening a door is a good test but it is a late test. How to find about small weakness? Because the hands are not equal. The neuro told me there should be just slight strength difference between sides. Of course the tests for weakness he used are looking for severe problems.

How would I know if my nondominant hand is weaker (the one that is twitching and is "atrophied")? I mean, it IS weaker. It was weaker years ago. But I do not know HOW MUCH weaker is still normal.

I tried lifting a bag of 15 kg (30 pounds I think) grocery today with thumb only (flexed of course). It is no problem with my dominant hand and I can sustain it, but with my hand where I have 1/2 muscle bulk it is a problem to lift it. I did, but only for few seconds. Now if I put myself to such high strength test, is that a prominent dofference in strength or not? I can probobaly lift with one flexed finger 20 kg in right hand but I am sure I would not be able to even lift 20 kg with left hand.

How much do you have difference in strength between hands? Is it noticable in everyday use when lifting heavy things?